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Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

anesthesiology   Study of how to administer agents capable of bringing about loss of sensation and consciousness  
cardiologist   Physician specializing in the study of the heart and heart disease  
cardiovascular surgeon   Specialist in operating on the heart and blood vessels  
clinical   Pertaining to the bedside or clinic: involving patient care  
colorectal surgeon   Physician specializing in operating on the colon and retum  
colostomy   Opening of the colon to the outside of the body  
dermatologist   Physician specializing in the skin and its diseases  
dematology   Study of the skin and its diseases  
emergency medicine   Care of patients requiring immediate action  
endocrinologist   Specialist in the study of endocrine glands  
enteritis   Inflammation of the small intestines  
family practitioner   Doctor responsible for primary care and treatment of patients on a continuing basis  
gastroenterologist   Specialist in treatment of the stomach  
gastroscopy   Visual examination of the stomach  
geriatric   Pertaining to treatment of older people  
geriatrician   Specialist in the treatment of diseases of old age  
gynecologist   Specialist in the medical and surgical treatment of female disorders  
gynecology   Study of female disorders  
hematologist   Specialist in blood and blood disorders  
hematoma   Mass or collection of blood under the skin  
iatrogenic   Pertaining to a patient's abnormal condition that results unexpectedly from a specific treatment  
infectious disease specialist   Physician who treats disorders caused and spread by microorganisms such as bacteria  
internal medicine   Branch of medicine speciaizing in the diagnosis of disorders and tretment with drugs  
laryngitis   Inflammation of the larynx  
lymphadenopathy   Disease of lymph nodes  
nephrologist   Specialist in the diagnosi and treatment of kidney diseases  
nephrostomy   Opening from the kidney to the outside of the body  
neuralgia   Nerve pain  
neurologist   Specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of nervous disorders  
neurosurgeon   Physician who operates on the organs of the nervous system  
nosocomial   Pertaining to or originating in a hospital  
obstetrician   Specialist in the delivery of a baby and care of the mother duin pregnancy ad labor  
obstetrics   Practice or branch of medicine concerned with the management of women during pregnancy, childbirth and the period just after edelivery of the infant  
oncogenic   Pertaining to producing tumors  
oncologist   Physician specializing in the study and treatment of tumors  
ophthalmologist   Specialist in the study of eye and treatment of eye disorders  
ophthalmology   Study of the eye  
optician   Nonmedical specialist trained to provide eyeglasses by filling perscriptions  
optometrist   Nonmedical specialist trained to examine and test eyes and persribe corrective lenses  
orthopedist   Specialist in the surgical correction of musculoskeletal disorders  
otitis   Inflammation of a bone  
otolaryngologist   Specialist in the treatment of diseases of the ear, nose and throat  
pathologist   Specialist in the study of disease using microsopic examination of tissues and cells and autopsy examination  
pathology   Study of disease  
pediatric   Pertaining to treatment of a child  
pediatrician   Specialist in the treatment of childhood diseases  
psychiatrist   Specialist in the treatment of the mind and mental disorders  
psychosis   Abnormal condidion of the mind  
pulmonary specialist   Physician trained to treat lung disorders  
radiation oncologist   Physician trained in the treatment of disease (cancer) with high-energy x-rays or other particles  
radiologist   Physician trained in the use of x-rays (including ultrasoundand magntic resonance imaging techniques) to diagnose illness  
radotherapy   Treatment of disease (cancer) with high-energy particles such as x-rays and protons  
rectocele   Hernia of the rectum into the vagina  
research   Laboratory investigation of a medical problem  
rheumatologist   Specialist in the treatment of diseases of the joints and connective tissues, especially the joints  
rheumatology   Branch of medicine dealing with inflammation, degeneration, or chemical changes in connective tissues, such as joints and muscles  
rhinorrhea   Discharge from the nose  
surgery   Branch of medicine that treats disease by manual or operative methods  
thoracic surgeon   Physician who operates on organs in the chest  
thoracotomy   Incision of the chest  
urologist   Specialist in operating on the urinary tract in males and females and on the reproductive tract in males  
vasculitis   Inflammation of blood vessels  


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