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Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

Who is the prime minister of Australia   Julia Gillard  
What is mr Brew's first name?   John  
What year did World War Two begin and end   1939-1945  
Name a teacher who lives in Staffroom 1   hannah, kaplan, hardwick, Ivett-Hawes, Ringrose, Rea, Locke,  
What is the capital city of Spain   madrid  
What is Prince William's wife's name   kate  
who just resigned with the Reds   cooper  
who won the australian golf open   peter senior  
Which young person was buried last week after 9 years ?   Daniel Morcomb  
What is the capital of Tasmania   Hobart  
HOw did Ned Kelly die?   hung  
What month is One Direction coming to Australia   October  
what is the logo of qantas   kangeroo  
What is on the CSHS logo   map of queensland  
Who is captain of the australian cricket team   michael clark  
who barack obama   usa president  
How many years has the queen been the queen   60  
what is the queens first name   elizabeth  
What do we call a doctor that looks after children   paeditrician  
who is the current james bond   daniel craig  
what is the name of the man who created apple computers   steve jobs  
what is the name of the man who created microsoft   bill gates  
where do the simpsons live   springfied  
what are the colours of the french flag?   REd, Blue and White  
The currency used in South Africa   Rands  
Name the two languages that are spoken in Canada   French and English  
In which country was the movie the Hobbit filmed?   New Zealand  
HOw did Hitler die?   Suicide  
What do the following people's deaths have in common: Martin Luther King Junior and John Kennedy ?   all assassinated  
what does the ABC stand for ?   Australian Broadcasting Corporation  
what is the postal code for Jindalee   4074  


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Created by: pkapl1