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Latin Root Review - Unit 1

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

geo   earth  
geometry   math that deals with the measurement of the earth  
geode   an earth-shaped stone with crystals inside  
geography   science that records facts about the earth's surface  
geology   science that deals with earth's history  
aqua   water  
aquifer   underground rocks or soil capable of absorbing water  
aqueduct   a channel that carries water  
aquarium   a glass-sided tank filled with water in which aquatic animals are kept  
aquatic   growing or living in water  
pyro   fire  
pyrotechnics   fireworks  
pyromania   persistent impulse to set fires  
pyrite   mineral that can strike fire; fool's gold  
pyrophobia   fear of fire  
astr   star  
asteroid   a starlike body in space; a small planet  
asterisk   a star used in printing to refer to a margin note  
astronomy   science which studies stars and their movements  
astrodome   clear dome of an aircraft for viewing the stars and sky  
ped   foot  
pedicure   care for the feet and toenails  
centipede   an insect having many feet  
pedestrian   a foot traveler  
impediment   an obstacle to one's feet; a hindrance  
manu   hand  
manicure   a treatment for the hands and nails  
manual   handbook  
manufacture   to make by hand or by machine  
emancipate   to release from one's hand, to free  


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