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SC History-Chapter 5

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

Democracy   Government which people rule by majority vote  
Indentured servants   Young sons and daughters of small farmers in 17th and 18th century  
Old Town   Charles town  
Radical   Extreme or in favor of reform  
Palisade   A fence of pales  
Quakers   Member of the Society of Friends that believe in Inner Light.  
Headright   Land given to settlers of the English colonies  
William Sayle   Governor of SC 1670 to 1671  
Lord Ashley Cooper   Leader of the Lord of Proprietors of Carolina  
daub & wattle   House framed w/timber. Walls weaved with branches in wattle. Mud over walls.  
Naval stores   Pit and tar  
Oyster Point   Charles town was moved to Oyster Point. Oyster point is located between Ashley River and Cooper River.  
Henry Woodward   English surgeon who helped trade with the Native Americans.  
Joseph West   Captain who commanded 3 ships. (The Carolina, Port Royal and Albemarle)  
John Locke   Physician and writer who helped draft the Fundamental Constitutions of Carolina.  
Fundamental Constitutions   Law of the Carolina Colonies  
Pennsylvania was founded by whom?   William Penn  
New Netherlands was founded by whom?   The Dutch  
New York was named after whom?   The Duke of York  
When the Spanish attacked Albermarle Point, who saved the colonists?   The Carolina (ship)  
Why did Charles Town move from Albermarle Point?   The land was low and marshy. People were getting sick. Large ships could not sail in.  
Charles Town moved to where?   Oyster Point  
What was the 1st ship to leave England and arrive in SC?   The Carolina (Ship)  
What items did Carolina colonists trade with Native Americans?   Skins and slaves  
Charles Town was established in?   1670  
Who were the greatest threat to the colonists in Albermarle Point?   Spanish  
Approximately 1/2 of SC settlers came from?   Barbados  
What were the original 3 ships that were purchased to bring colonists to SC?   The Carolina,Port Royal and Albermarle  
Who were the 1st cowboys in America?   Africans in Carolina.  
Did Carolina settlers experiment with different crops?   Yes. Cotton, tobacco, sugar cane, indigo, etc.  


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