Below is a sample of the actual 2016 SSA Awards Ballot. The voting period was through 11-3-2016 Midnight. Below is a sample of what the ballot
looked like.

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1. Songwriter of the Year
Ashton Kuehne - The NedJosh Kelly - The Pinecone Shake
Bethany BrandtJulia McDonald
Bobby HallJulia McDonald - Julia McDonald
C. S. HoltJulie McDonald
Carlos Villarejo - Trouble In The GardenKelly Neff
Chris Arndt - Outlaw TendenciesKelMarie
Chris Kase - Night Sweats - Clefs Train ProjectMaggie English - Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh (GFM)
Christian, Oscar, Avery, Justin - THE REMYZMai Tatro - Mai Tatro
Christine Burnette - Grand FinaleMark Chiriboga
Clay BrewerMark Steven - Saved
Cyndi Washburn - GorgeousMEGAN MCCLOUD
David Dorr - Spayed KoolieMelissa Crispo
Denise BeserockMikey Cunningham - Mikey Cunningham & The Aftermath
Deryle Hughes - Simple Southern Boy`sPaige Keiner -"Sushi" and "September"
Emiliano CampuzanoPatrick Collins - Brookz Muzic
Goldilocks - Tales of ShrimpPaul Golian
Hannah Summer - GREYEPeter Jam
Ian and Adam Waldron - The Unicorn WranglersRichard Howard-Allen - Wasted - Facility
J KleinRobby Benjamin - Copper Gypsy
J. KleinRylan Talerico - Wallace
J.KleinSeth Richardson - Near Pennsylvania
James David Braun - Bad BoodShad Pearson - The Actomatics
James David Braun - Old Man Trouble - Bad BloodShane Johns - Divided Hearts/Shane Johns Project
Jason FitchSteve Vaclavik
Jeffrey L. Blickenstaff - AUTOMATIK FITTaylor Cromer - Taylor Cromer and The Delta
Jeremy Benjamin - The Time FramedTim Cain - Boys` Entrance
Jimmy haber - Bad day to be meWill Erickson - Will Erickson
Jimmy Ogles - Ascending Radiuswillie loveless - mad willie and those guys
Jimmy Starr - Superstarr LoveshakkWILLIE LOVELESS - , MAD WILLIE AND THOSE GUYS
John Rainey - The John Rainey Project 

2. Song of the Year
Ascending Radius - Cut it outKelly Neff - Here in My Bed
Ascending Radius - For nothingKelMarie - Circus
Aural Eyes - Stranger DangerLast Electric Rodeo - Black Rose
Bad Blood - Love is GoneMad willie and those guys - Middle class slave
Bad Blood - Old Man TroubleMADWILLIE & THOSE GUYS - "Middle Class Slave"
Bethany Brandt - Good EnoughMai Tatro - In a Box
Bethany Brandt - Never Gonna StopMark Chiriboga - Three Minutes to Make Me love You
Bobby Hall - BedsMark Chirico - Black Penny
Brookz Muzic - AmeriaweMark Steven Band - Saved
C. S. Holt - I`m Gonna ChangeMEGAN MCCCLOUD - IT`S YOU
C. S. Holt - Love`s Not EnoughMelissa Crispo - Running in Circles
C. S. Holt - She Looked A Lot Like YouMikey Cunningham & The Aftermath metal/rock - Massive Head Wound
Christine Burnette - Heavy RainNash Rambler - Nine and Forty Angels
CITY OF ANGELZS - When all Hell Break looseNear Pennsylvania - I`ll Be Fine
CITY OF ANGELZS - ZuluNoSelf - Save Me
Clay Brewer - I`m still missing youOutlaw Tendencies - Ghosts of my Past
Clefs Train Project - Night SweatsPaige Keiner - "September"
Copper Gypsy Band - Breathe320Paul Golian - Girl
Cyndi Washburn - There`s the DoorRichard Howard-Allen - wasted
Denise Beserock - Ride Along With MeShad Pearson - City song
Denise Beserock - Why I Don`t Speak Of LoveShane Johns - You`re No Mona Lisa
Deryle Hughes - Simple Southern Boy`sSpayed Koolie - 100 Years (Need)
Divided Hearts - You`re No Mona LisaSpayed Koolie - Songwriter
Emiliano Campuzano - As Soon As PossibleSteve Vaclavik - Shamrock Tattoo
Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh (GFM) - DarknessSuperstarr Loveshakk - Joe Bones -
Great Day To Be Nude - The Unicorn WranglersTales of Shrimp - Objectify
GREYE - Tell A Little LieThe John Rainey Project - Bringing It On Tonight
Hold On To Me - Taylor Cromer and The deltaThe Pinecone Shake - Right Before My Eyes
J. Klein - Western WaysThe Unicorn Wranglers - Carne Asada
JANANI - Run (Pick Up The Gun)The Unicorn Wranglers - Iguana Waltz
Jason Fitch - Thick n ThinTim Cain - The World is at The Door
Jeremy Benjamin - Split the HeavensTrouble In The Garden - I`m In Trouble
Jesus Ice Cream Sandwich - The NedWallace - The Same
Jimmy haber - LilacWill Erickson - Two For One
Julia McDonald - No Good For Me 

3. Band of the Year
Ascending RadiusMURDURFACE
Aural EyesNear Pennsylvania
Bad BloodOutlaw Tendencies
Boys` EntrancePoppsy Cole
Brent Byrd & The Suitcase GypsiesSimple Southern Boy`s
Brookz MuzicSpayed Koolie
CITY OF ANGELZSSuperstarr Loveshakk
Copper GypsyTaylor Cromer and The Delta
Divided Hearts/Shane Johns ProjectThe Actomatics
Facility Americana Roots rock reggaeThe John Rainey Project
Fighting The SilenceTHE MIKE FREUND BAND
Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh (GFM)The Ned
GREYEThe Pinecone Shake
JANANIThe Pinecone Shake Folk
Jen in the Right LightTHE REMYZ
Jimmy haberThe Time Framed
Last Electric RodeoThe Unicorn Wranglers
Mai TatroWallace
Mark Steven BandWet Kneez
Mikey Cunningham & The Aftermath metal/rockWill Erickson
Mills Jam Band- M6 

4. Musician of the Year
Avery Davis - THE REMYZ - Keyboard - VocalsJonathan Brady - Clefs Train Project - Keyboards - pedals
Bruce Ladewig - Bad Blood - BassistJoseph Saba - Bethany Brandt - Bass
Chris Dox - Bad Blood - GuitaristJosiah Gardella - The Ned - Drums
Christian Martinez - THE REMYZ - Bass GuitarJuan Leon - Jupiter Groove - Bass
Daniel Cooke - The John Rainey Project - DrumsJustin Godbolt - THE REMYZ - Drums
Denise Beserock - Vocals-keyboardLuLu English - Gold Frankincense and Myrrh (GFM) - Drums
Deryle Hughes - Simple Southern Boy`s - Vocal,guitarsMAD WILLIE LOVE LESS - MADWILLIE & THOSE GUYS - harmonica/vocals
Don Bonzi - CITY OF ANGELZS - Guitar and vocalsMark Chiriboga - Guitar flute etc
Don McCormic - Copper Gypsy - GuitarMark chirico - Guatar and vocals
Doug DePew - Bethany Brandt - DrumsMark Chirico - Guitar and vocals
Dr. Neal "Quickdraw" Phillips - Spayed Koolie - electric violin/fiddleMark Steven - Mark Steven Band - Guitar
Facility Americana Roots rock reggaeMatthew Brandt - Bethany Brandt - Guitar
Haydee Pomar - CITY OF ANGELZS - Bass guitar and vocalsMikey Cunningham - Mikey Cunningham & The Aftermath - Guitar
Ivan Pulley - Clay Brewer - Guitar and vocalsMoses - Bad Blood - Drums
J Klein - Acoustic guitarOmar Reveron - Ricky Juice & The Juicers - Acoustic Guitar, Electric guitar, Harmonica, keyboard, vocals
J. KleinOscar Familia - THE REMYZ - Guitar
J. Klein - Acoustic GuitarPaige Keiner - Guitar, Vocals, Keys, Harmonica
J. Klein - GuitarPatrick Collins - Brookz Muzic - Bass
Jeffrey L. Blickenstaff - AUTOMATIK FIT - 7 String GuitarRandy Forrest - Julia McDonald - Drums
Jeremy Benjamin - The Time Framed - Vocals, Guitar, DrumsRICK GRANO - THE TRANSFERS - GUITAR AND VOCALS
Jett Wolfe - GREYE - GuitarRick Sarmiento - Jen in the Right Light - Drums/back-up vocals
Jimmy Ogles - Ascending Radius - Lead guitarSeth Richardson - Near Pennsylvania - Vocal and Guitar
Jimmy Starr - Superstarr Loveshakk - vocalsShad Pearson - The Actomatics
Joe Saba - Bethany Brandt - GuitarShane Johns - Divided Hearts/Shane Johns Project - Guitar Vocals Drums Bass Trumpet Composer etc...
John Poper - The John Rainey Project - Lead Vocals and Acoustic GuitarWILLIE LOVE LESS - MADWILLIE & THOSE GUYS - - harmonica/vocals
John Rainey - The John Rainey Project - Guitars and VocalsZed Maestro - Bad Blood - Keyboard

5. Most Unique Style
Ascending RadiusJupiter Groove
Aural EyesKJP
AUTOMATIK FITLast Electric Rodeo
Bethany BrandtMai Tatro
Bobby HallMark Chiriboga
C. S. HoltMikey Cunningham & The Aftermath metal/rock
Clay BrewerNear Pennsylvania
Clefs Train ProjectOmar Reveron
Copper Gypsy BandPaul Golian
Denise BeserockPeter Jam
Divided HeartsSimple Southern Boy`s
Divided Hearts/Shane Johns ProjectSpayed Koolie
Emiliano CampuzanoSuperstarr Loveshakk
FAcilityTales of Shrimp
Gold Frankincense and Myrrh (GFM)The Actomatics
GoldilocksThe Ned
Grand FinaleThe Pinecone Shake
J. KleinThe Time Framed
JANANIThe Unicorn Wranglers
Jen in the Right LightTrouble In The Garden
Jeremy BenjaminWallace
Jimmy haberWill Erickson
Julia McDonald