Below is a sample of the actual 2018 SSA Awards Ballot. The voting period was through 11-1-2018 Midnight. Below is a sample of what the ballot
looked like.

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1. Songwriter of the Year
Andrew Lawson - Axiom ElementJOE HILTON
Ashlyn Weidelmiller - Grindstone SinnersJohn Jacobs - Circle Band
ASTRID MCINTYREKelli Johnson - Mother Medicine Music
Bethany Brandt - The Bethany Brandt BandLandon Noland
Christopher Arndt- The World Awaits - Outlaw TendenciesLogan Belle
Craig Fraley - PlateMai Tatro - Moonlight Drive-In
Dan Michael - Silveryn LaceMarcia Buckingham
Daniel Pray - Jesse Daniel bandMark Steven - Mark Steven Band
Don Bonzi ,Haydee Pomar - CITY OF ANGELZSMatt Burke - The Matt Burke Band
Faye Henderson - Faye Henderson and Gospel PraiseMia Tatro - Moonlight drive in
Fylo Zoet - Fylo Zoet & the OwlsPAUL LUTHER
Heather Lanza - TimberwoodRoberto Aguilar - Heckfire
Jay Umlauf - Grindstone SinnersStephen Shanafelt - Heckfire
Jim Gear 

2. Song of the Year
Amanda Marie Music - ReDub You Cant Loose Something you never hadJay Umlauf - Days That Passed
Anisa - Fine TomorrowJay Umlauf - Live How You Love
Anisa - FreedomJay Umlauf - What Do You See?
Ashlyn Weidelmiller - Faded loveJohn Jacobs - I Fell In Love With You Last Night
Ashlyn Weidemiller - Because of YouKelli Johnson - Watching the World Burn
Ashlyn Weidemiller - Tomorrow`s RaceLandon Noland - The Final Page
Ashlyn Weidemiller - When You Left MeMarcia Buckingham - In my Dreams
Ashlyn Weidemiller - You Make Me FeelMark Steven - Liar
ASTRID MCINTYRE - ORIGINALMelissa Crispo - Take Back Your Power
Audience of One - Turn Around Look At HimMoonlight Drive-In - ???? (Mystery X)
Axiom Element - Light In The DarknessMoonlight Drive-In - Rocketship
CITY OF ANGELZS - ZuluMoonlight Drive-In - Trigger
Dan Michael - PeelMoonlight Drive-In - Waffle Home
Daniel Pray - HelliRiverbed - Heckfire
Faye Henderson - Hide Me When The Storm ComesSilveryn Lace - Peel
Faye Henderson and Gospel Praise - God did itThe Bethany Brandt Band - Come Home
Faye Henderson and Gospel Praise - Hide Me When The Storm ComesThe Bethany Brandt Band - Don`t Let Darkness Win The Fight
Faye Henderson and Gospel Praise - I Believe In YouThe Bethany Brandt Band - On The Outside
Faye Henderson and Gospel Praise - I`ll Do ItThe Wallvines - Happy
Fylo Zoet - Give Yourself LoveTimberwood - Don`t Come Home
Fylo Zoet - Overcoming The OddsTimberwood - Picture
Heckfire - Black Tongue 

3. Band of the Year
Audience of OneMuddy Puddle
Axiom ElementOutlaw Tendencies
Beyond SilencePlate
CoagulateTake Lead
Faye Henderson and Gospel praiseThe Bethany Brandt Band
Fylo Zoet & the OwlsThe C***MOnSteRs
Grindstone SinnersThe High Ground
HeckfireThe Matt Burke Band
Jesse Daniel bandThe Wallvines
Logan and Yvonne BelleThoughts
Mark Steven BandTimberwood
Moonlight Drive-In 

4. Musician of the Year
Ashlyn Gabrielle Weidemiller - Grindstone Sinners - Lead singer/vocalistJay Umlauf - Grindstone Sinners - Lead Guitar, Vocals
ASTRID MCINTYRE - KEYBOARDSJeffrey Hunt - Grindstone Sinners - Bass Guitar
Audience of One - Audience of OneJesse daniel - Jesse danieD band - Drums harmonica
Carlos Quezada - Melissa Crispo - DrumsJOE HILTON - GUITAR
Craig Fraley - Plate - Electric guitarJohn Henderson - Faye Henderson and Gospel Praise - Drummer
Dan Michael - Silveryn Lace - Lead GuitarJoh`naye Henderson - Faye Henderson and Gospel Praise - Flute
Daniel Conner - Grindstone Sinners - DrumsKarl Redmond - Faye Henderson and Gospel Praise - Keyboard
Don Bonzi - CITY OF ANGELZS - Electric guitarLandon Noland - Acoustic Guitar
Doug DePew - The Bethany Brandt Band - DrumsMark Chiriboga - Tie-Dye Roads - guitar,flute,mandolin
Doug Miller - Faye Henderson and Gospel Praise - GuitarMark Steven - Mark Steven Band - Guitar
ErinMarie Henderson - Faye Henderson and Gospel Praise - violinMatthew Brandt - The Bethany Brandt Band - Guitar
Faye Henderson - Faye Henderson and Gospel Praise - VocalistPAUL LUTHER - GUITAR
Gregory Davidson - Moonlight Drive-In - GuitarRandy Yoder - The Bethany Brandt Band - Bass Guitar
Haydee Pomar - CITY OF ANGELZS - Bass guitarRoberto Aguilar - Heckfire - Guitar Mandola Vocals
Heather Lanza - Timberwood - Vocals, Piano 

5. Most Unique Style
Amanda Marie MusicJOE HILTON
AnisaJohn Henderson
Ashlyn WeidemillerJoh`naye Henderson
Audience of OneLandon Noland
CoagulateMoonlight Drive-In
Dan MichaelMuddy Puddle
Daniel ConnerPAUL LUTHER
Doug MillerPlate
Erin Marie HendersonSilveryn Lace
ErinMarie HendersonThe Bethany Brandt Band
Fylo Zoet & the OwlsThe C***MOnSteRs
Grindstone SinnersThe Matt Burke Band
HeckfireThe Wallvines
Jay UmlaufThoughts
Jeffrey HuntTimberwood
Jesse DanielZILCHE