Below is a sample of the actual 2017 SSA Awards Ballot. The voting period was through 11-2-2017 Midnight. Below is a sample of what the ballot
looked like.

Please select one of the nominees in each of the categories below by clicking on the circle in front
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1. Songwriter of the Year
Barry MyersJonathan Weaver - G.W. Souther
Bethany Brandt - Bethany Brandt BandJoshua Jacobs - The States
Don Bonzi - CITY OF ANGELZSKelly Neff
Doug Bailey - Slingshot. RobotPetey Rodriguez - Petey and the Ravens
James David Braun - Bad BloodSudeep Maiti
Jillian Stockhammer - The WallvinesWillie Loveless - Mad Willie and Those Guys

2. Song of the Year
Barry Myers - Angels and ElvisPetey and the Ravens - Candy love
Bethany Brandt - Good EnoughSlingshot Robot - Shine
CITY OF ANGELZS - ZuluSudeep Maiti - Friends
G.W. Souther - Who`d U LoveThe Damnsels - I Don`t Care
Kelly Neff - Here in My BedThe States - The City
Mad Willie and Those Guys - Middle Class SlaveThe Wallvines - Finally Alive
My Will - Bad BloodWhiskey Sharts - I Love Marijuana
Outlaw Tendencies - Ghosts of my Past 

3. Band of the Year
Bad BloodSlingshot Robot
Bethany Brandt BandThe Barry Myers Band
G.W. SoutherThe Mike Freund Band
Jupiter GrooveThe States
Mad Willie and Those GuysThe Wallvines
Outlaw TendenciesWhiskey Sharts
Petey and the Ravens 

4. Musician of the Year
Bryan Glenn - The States - DrumsMatt Weisberg - The States - Lead Guitar
Byron Garner - G.W. Souther - DrumsMickey Cunningham - Guitar
Chris Dox - Bad Blood - GuitarRandy Yoder - Bethany Brandt Band - Bass
Don Bonzi - CITY OF ANGELZS - Guitar and vocalsRICK GRANO - THE TRANSFERS - Guitar and Vocals
Juan Leon - Jupiter Groove - BassSudeep Maiti - Guitar
Kelly Neff - Guitar and VocalsWillie Loveless - Mad Willie and Those Guys - Harmonica
Kyle leedy - Petey and the Ravens - Bass 

5. Most Unique Style
Bad BloodKelly Neff
Bethany Brandt BandMad Willie and Those Guys
Big PicturePetey and the Ravens
G.W. SoutherWhiskey Sharts
Jupiter Groove