Below is a sample of the actual 2017 SSA Awards Ballot. The voting period was through 11-2-2017 Midnight. Below is a sample of what the ballot
looked like.

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1. Songwriter of the Year
Alyssa Marie Coon infoJOE HILTON
Amanda Marie - Amanda Marie infoJohn Jacobs
AremannyJohn Jacobs - Circle Band info
Barry MyersJonathan Weaver - G.W. Souther info
Bethany Brandt - Bethany Brandt Band infoJoshua Jacobs - The States info
Bill & Eli Perras - Bill & Eli Perras infoJosiah Gardella - The Ned / PC-NO info
Bill Beach - Circle Band infoKelly Neff info
Bill Hartmann infoLandon Noland info
Blake Trent infoLisa Noe info
Carl Hobbs Sr - DETHSTAR THRIVEMahogany Dannie - Mahogany_dannie
Chris McCurley - Christian Soldiers infoMai Tatro info
Christian August Wenger - Last Electric Rodeo infoMai Tatro - Mai Tatro with Moonlight Drive-In info
Conor Bertha and Dylan Parra - flo.wavMarcia Buckingham - Rolling On
Corben ChampouxMartin Metzger - Martin And The Dead Guys info
Cosmo Easterly Cloyce Dietzman - Forgiven Sinners infoMelissa Crispo info
Don Bonzi - CITY OF ANGELZS infoMichael Johnson - Forbidden Gecko Love info
Doug Bailey - Slingshot. Robot infoMichael Stoeckle - EXIT 44 info
Eddie Fingerhut infoPetey Rodriguez - Petey and the Ravens info
Fylo Zoet infoPIANO VAL - PIANO VAL info
Gayla JamesRichard Greenwood - Christian Soldiers info
Gianna MinichielloShaun Peace - Shaun Peace Band info
Heather and Greg Lanza - Timberwood infoShifty Gears info
J. Klein infoSudeep Maiti info
James David Braun - Bad Blood infoThe Wait info
James White - The Trees of Life infoTim Cain - Boys` Entrance info
Jason Fitch - Jason Fitch & The Detonators infoTrailside Phantoms - Trailside Phantoms info
Jay umlauf - .Wes Morrison - Wes Morrison & The Stray Hares info
Jay Umlauf - Grindstone Sinners infoWillie Loveless - Mad Willie and Those Guys info
Jillian Stockhammer - The Wallvines infoZeb Webb - True Gain info
Jimmy Starr - Superstarr Loveshakk info 

2. Song of the Year
Alyssa Marie Coon - You Saved Me infoLisa Noe - The Ride info
Amanda Marie - "The One" infoMAD WILLIE & THOSE GUYS - "My Deland" info
Aremanny - Goodbye My BabyMad Willie and Those Guys - Middle Class Slave info
Barry Myers - Angels and ElvisMahogany Dannie - Leap
Bethany Brandt - Good Enough infoMai Tatro - In a Box info
Bill Hartmann - Someone That You Never Really Knew infoMarcia Buckingham - Not Now
Blake Trent - I`m Fine infoMartin Metzger - Hard Lessons info
Boys` Entrance - The Wolf Is At The Door infoMelissa Crispo - Take Back Your Power info
Christian Soldiers - Superhero infoMy Will - Bad Blood info
Christian Soldiers - The Cure infoOutlaw Tendencies - Ghosts of my Past info
Christian Soldiers - The Great I AM infoPetey and the Ravens - Candy love info
Christian Soldiers - We Got Faith infoPhil Schneider - Don`t Forget That Ship info
Corben Champoux - White Ford TruckShaun Peace Band - Sway info
Cosmo Easterly Cloyce Dietzman - Love is his game infoSi`yir Royale - Mad
Demented Truth - Last Crusade infoSlingshot Robot - Shine info
Eddie Fingerhut - Doctor, Doctor infoSlingshot Robot - Shine info
flo.wav - 2FARSlingshot Robot - The Fight info
Forbidden Gecko Love - Four Winds infoSudeep Maiti - Friends info
FYLO ZOET - Overcoming the Odds infoSuperstarr Loveshakk - Blackstone info
G.W. Souther - Who`d U Love infoTake Lead - Avenue info
Gary Michael Sintes - NerdThe Damnsels - I Don`t Care
Gayla James - Love LetterThe Ned - Capsized info
Gianna Minichiello - Thinking Too MuchThe REMYZ - Sunshine info
Grindstone Sinners - Live How You Love infoThe States - The City info
Hope - DETHSTAR THRIVEThe Trees of Life - Tree of Life info
J. Klein - Starlight infoThe Wait - Catch My Breath info
JANANI - First To Fall infoThe Wait Rock N` Roll - Catch My Breath info
JANANI - Poison Me infoThe Wallvines - Finally Alive info
Jason Fitch - Gulf of Mexico infoTim Cain - Boys` Entrance - The Wolf Is At The Door info
John Jacobs - Granddaddy infoTrailside Phantoms - Suddenly info
Kelly Neff - Here in My Bed infoTrue Gain - Footprints info
Landon Noland - I`m Fine infoWes Morrison & The Stray Hares - All That She Needs info
Last Electric Rodeo - Fallout Blues infoWhiskey Sharts - - I Love Marijuana info

3. Band of the Year
Artists One Show infoMad Willie and Those Guys info
Bad Blood infoMartin And The Dead Guys info
Bethany Brandt Band infoOutlaw Tendencies info
Boys` Entrance infoPetey and the Ravens info
Christian Soldiers infoPIANO VAL info
Circle Band infoSeventh Stone info
CITY OF ANGELZS infoShaun Peace Band info
Demented truth infoSlingshot Robot info
DETHSTAR THRIVESuperstarr Loveshakk info
Doug DePewTake Lead info
EXIT 44 infoThe Barry Myers Band
flo.wavThe Damnsels
Forbidden Gecko Love infoThe Mike Freund Band
Forgiven Sinners infoThe Ned info
G.W. Souther infoThe REMYZ info
Gianna MinichielloThe States info
Glenn Coleman and RelativityTHE TRANSFERS info
Gods of Pain infoThe Trees of Life info
Grindstone Sinners infoThe Wait info
JANANI infoThe Wallvines info
Jason Fitch & The Detonators infoTimberwood info
Jupiter Groove infoTrailside Phantoms info
Kelly NeffTrue Gain info
KJP XperienceWes Morrison & The Stray Hares info
Last Electric Rodeo infoWhiskey Sharts info

4. Musician of the Year
Alyssa Marie Coon - Ukulele infoJames White - The Trees of Life - Vocals/Guitar info
Amanda Marie - Amanda Marie - solo vocalist infoJay umlauf
Blake Trent - Vocals and Guitar infoJay Umlauf - Grindstone Sinners - Guitar info
Bob Grosso - True Gain - Guitar infoJay Unlauf - Grindstone Sinners - Guitar
Brooks Wilkins - EXIT 44 - Bass/mandolin/harmonicaJaybo Key - Boys` Entrance - Guitar info
Bryan Glenn - The States - DrumsJoe Gardella - The Ned - Drums info
Byron Garner - G.W. Souther - Drums infoJT McCurley - Christian Soldiers - Rhythm Guitar info
C.T. - Superstarr Loveshakk - Guitar infoJuan Leon - Jupiter Groove - Bass info
Caleb Greenwood - Christian Soldiers - Bass infoKelly Neff - Guitar and Vocals info
Cam McCurley - Christian Soldiers - Drums infoKyle leedy - Petey and the Ravens - Bass info
Carl Hobbs Sr - DETHSTAR THRIVE - Guitar, VocalsLandon Noland - Guitar/piano/vocals info
Charles Ramos - Wes Morrison & The Stray Hares - Drums infoLisa Noe - Vocals and Guitar info
Chris Dixon - Last Electric Rodeo - Lead Guitar infoMai Tatro - Guitar/ukulele/ vocals info
Chris Dox - Bad Blood - Guitar infoMark Denman - Demented Truth - Guitar info
Chris McCurley - Christian Soldiers - Lead Guitar/Keyboard infoMartin Metzger - Martin And The Dead Guys - Lead Guitar / Vocals info
Connor Smith - Take Lead - GuitarMatt Weisberg - The States - Lead Guitar info
Cosmo Easterly Cloyce Dietzman - Forgiven Sinners - Guitar harmonica infoMickey Cunningham - Guitar info
Daniel - Grindstone Sinners - DrumsRalph Azzuro - Bad Blood - Organist
Daniel Richards - Wes Morrison & The Stray Hares - BassRandy Yoder - Bethany Brandt Band - Bass info
Danny Shaner - Demented Truth - Vocals infoRichard Greenwood - Christian Soldiers - Lead Vocals info
David C Sampson - Bad Blood - BassistRichie Sears - The states - Bass
Don Bonzi - CITY OF ANGELZS - Guitar and vocals infoRICK GRANO - THE TRANSFERS - Guitar and Vocals info
Doug DePew - Bethany Brandt Band - DrumsShaun Peace - Shaun Peace Band - Lead Vocals and Guitar info
Dylan Parra and Conor Bertha - flo.wav - Drums/Guitar/Bass/Keys/XylophoneShifty Gears of - Guitar & Vocals info
Eddie Fingerhut - Acoustic guitar and vocals infoStephen Cerda - Trailside Phantoms - Bass
fylo zoet - guitar, keyboard, banjo, harmonica infoSudeep Maiti - Guitar info
Gianna MinichielloTim Cain - Boys` Entrance - Guitar
Gianna Minichiello - solo vocalistTrace George - The Ned - Guitar info
Greg Lanza - Timberwood - Guitar infoVance West - Demented Truth - Drums info
Harold Rule - Slingshot Robot - Lead GuitarWillie Loveless - Mad Willie and Those Guys - Harmonica info
J. Klein - Acoustic Guitar info 

5. Most Unique Style
Alyssa Marie Coon infoJANANI info
Amanda Marie infoJOE HILTON
AremannyJupiter Groove info
Artists One Show infoKelly Neff info
Bad Blood infoKJP Xperience
Bethany Brandt Band infoLandon Noland info
Big Picture infoLast Electric Rodeo info
Bill & Eli PerrasLisa Noe info
Bill Hartmann infoMad Willie and Those Guys info
Blake Trent infoMahogany Dannie
Boys` Entrance infoMai Tatro info
Carl Hobbs SrMartin And The Dead Guys info
Christian Soldiers infoPetey and the Ravens info
CREATURE 517Seventh Stone info
Eddie Fingerhut infoSudeep Maiti info
EXIT 44 infoSuperstarr Loveshakk
flo.wavTake Lead info
Forbidden Gecko Love infoThe Ned info
Forgiven Sinners infoThe REMYZ info
Fylo Zoet infoThe States info
G.W. Souther infoThe Trees of Life info
Gayla JamesThe Wait info
Gianna MinichielloThe Wallvines
Gods of Pain infoTrailside Phantoms info
Grindstone Sinners infoTrue Gain info
J. Klein infoWhiskey Sharts info