Steps:Don & Doff Gown & Gloves
1. Washes hands   Infection control which is part of beginning any procedure.  
2. Candidate faces the back opening of the gown.Candidate unfolds the gown.Candidate places arms through each sleeve.   Ease of putting on and preventing contamination  
3. Candidate secures the neck opening.   Always start with fastening closest to face when hands are clean and work down.  
4. Candidate secures the waist, making sure that the back flaps completely covers clothing.   Prevent contamination of back of clothing.  
5. Candidate puts on gloves.   Infection control PPE  
6. Gloves overlap gown sleeves at the wrist.   prevent unnecessary contamination of gown and skin underneath.  
7. Removes and disposes of gloves according to proper procedure before removing gown. (Candidate does not touch outside of gloves with bare hand at any time.)   Gloves are contaminated and also, keeping dirty areas contained and from contaminating hands or other items more.  
8. Identifies that hands should be washed.   Hands are contaminated (look clean and are cleaner than outside of gloves but still must be assumed to be contaminated)  
9. Unfastens gown at the neck.   Hands are clean, so start closest to head, or face.  
10. Unfastens gown at the waist.   Hands are clean, so start closest to head, or face, and work down, to prevent contamination of face.  
11. Removes gown by folding soiled area to soiled area.   Prevent unnecessary contamination by gown  
12. Disposes of gown and gloves in an appropriate container.   Infection control includes placing in proper disposal unit.  
13. Identifies that hands should be washed   Contaminated by gown removal.