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These are characteristics of metals conduct electricity,high boiling point,ductile, malleable, not brittle, has luster
These are characteristics of nonmetals low boiling point, will not conduct electricity, not ductile, not malleable, are brittle, no luster
The amount of space something takes up volume
The formula for density D = M/V
The formula for volume M x V X W
The hardest mineral diamond
The softest mineral talc
Iron Fe
Potassium K
Copper Cu
Calcium Ca
Carbon C
Nitrogen N
Magnesium Mg
Hydrogen H
Helium He
Oxygen O
Sodium Na
Zinc Zn
This means you can make a wire out of it ductile
To be able to flatten into a thin sheet malleable
It has a shine luster
Floating in water - buoyancy
Dissolving in water soluble
A paper clip sticking to a magnet magnetic
The smell of a rose odor
Rough sandpaper texture
a rusty nail is an example of which physical property that you can see? color
When water evaporerates because it is boiling- boiling point
The three chemical properties are rusting, reacting with acid and burns
Things we can measure - length, mass, weight, volume, time, temperature,density, speed,
Metric is celsius , English is - Fahrenheit
Metric is liter , English is - ounce,cup, pint, quart
Measure mass with this tool - balance
The unit used to measure mass is - gram
The unite used to measure volume is - liter
The unit used to measure length is - meter
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