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CH_MH test1

community and mental health nursing test 1

Nonmalefiencence vs Beneficence Nonmalefiencence means no harm done and Beneficence maximize benefits minimize harm
Epidemiology is the investigative study of what? For what purpose disease trends in populations for purpose of disease prevention and health maintenance
Number of cases in the population at a specific time/population of new cases is…attack rate, prevalence or incidence? Incidence
Number of cases in population at a specific time in population existing diseasae in population is attack rate, prevalence, or incidence? Prevalence
Number of people at risk who develop a cerain disease is attack rater, prevalence, or incidence? Attack rate
6 obligations of public health 1-prevent epidemics 2-prevent injury 3-promote healthy beh 4-respond to disasters 5-protect against hazardous environments 6-assure quality and access
Uneasiness, infertility, loss of appetite, suppression of immune system, increased metabolism Reactions to Chronic? or Acute stress? acute
anorexia, overeating, Amenorrhea, or loss sex drive, impotence, increase in opportunistic viral/bacterial infections, insulin, resistant diabetes, hypertension are Reactions to Chronic stress or acute? chronic
What NT is involved in integration of emotions and thoughts. Decision making. A) norepi B) Serotonin C) Dopamine D) GABA Dopamine
What NT level in brain affects mood, attention and arousal (fight/flight) A) norepi B) Serotonin C) Dopamine D) GABA norepi
What NT is invovlign in learning, memory, mood and sexual aggression. ↑ associated w/ Depression ↓ associated w/ Alz, Huntintons, Parkinsons. A) AcH B) Dopamine AcH
What NT plays a role in aggression and sexual behavior, sleep reulation, hunger, mood and pain perception. A) norepi B) Serotonin C) Dopamine D) GABA serotonin
What NT plays a role in learning and memory and is a calming NT? A) norepi B) Serotonin C) Dopamine D) GABA GABA
What NT decrease in NMDA receptors results in psychosis? A) Dopamine, B)Glutamate C) AcH D) GABA Glutamate
Regulates mood: mania and sexual aggression? A) Dopamine, B)Glutamate C) AcH D) GABA Acetaylcholine
The various subtypes of GABA receptors are the targets of what? benzos, barbiturates, and alcohol
What 2 NT play major role in regulating mood? Serotonin, norepi
Why are tricyclics no longer 1st line for depression se
why are atypical antipscyhotics given 1st less se/safer
why is it important to consider CYP450 enzymes re: psychotropic med? Drug interactions, toxicities.
actue stress and PTSD 1st choice for meds a) Benzos b) SSRI's c) tricyclics d) BP meds b) ssri's
OCD medication of choice a) klonipin c) prozac c) anafranil d) xanax c) anafranil
Panic attacks med of choice a) ssri b) tricyclic c) benzos d) BP meds a) ssri
GAD med of choice benzos unless sub abuse then Buspar
situational anxiety med of choice Beta Blocker
Social phobia 2 meds for 1st line benzos, ssri's
Created by: kerinska