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Crim. Just. Chpt 1

1970's Violent Crimes Increase
90's War on drugs racial tensions
2000's terrorism -protection
2007-2009 white collar crimes
what happens to tensions throughout history they shift
2 roles maintain proper order -sometimes sacrifice order -do those always reconcile with -other people -protect one lose the other protect individual rights
what do public perceptions do to crim. justice shift them
justice confirmative truth
Focus rarely about definition
what is justice moral rightness Conformity to truth fairness
Social justice Civil justice Criminal justice
Administration of Justice
CJ System
Criminal Justice System Police Courts Corrections
Consensus model
Conflict model
The CJ Process Investigation Warrant Arrest Booking First Appearance Preliminary Hearing Indictment Arraignment (plea) Adjudication Sentencing Corrections
Due Process Bill of Rights Fifth Amendment Fourteenth Amendment Rights are interpreted by the Courts
Social Control Crime control model Due process model Crime control through due process
CJ as a Science Evidence-based -Scientific methods Interdisciplinary Multiculturalism
Created by: KyronCox