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how many ounces of 32index fluid are needed to make 2 gallon of dilute 2% solution 16.3 ounces
the recommanded initial 3% dillution of 20index standard arterial chemical used embalm an edematous body would be 19oz to of arterial fluid to 109oz Of water
Mrie johson walked into the hospital room to visit her father his hand are cold & blue & mary also notice his feet are swollen; which condition best discribe mary's father morbund state Agonal algor, Agonal Hypotasis, Agonal edema
during sever rigor mortis the ph could be 5 to 6
the term the force of fluids through an organ or tissue especially be way of blood vessels (arterial embalming) is called Profusion
an autopsied body is brought to your prep room ; list the order you will will embalm the body leg,arms,head; hypo
a family came to make arrangements they tell you the service will not happen before 2weeks. what are some of the procedures that you'll need to do? supplemental sectional embalming and place the body on bridges for air to flow
which is not intravascular Echymosis
the outer layer of any artery or vein is called Tunica adventitia
the union of two arteries anastomosis
what branch of the aortic Arch provide the blood supply to the right upper extremities innominate (brachiocephalic)
assuming the deceased had survived for 3 days bedore dying as a result of 2nd degre burns which post mortem conditins should you anticipate severe edema & disfigurement & separatrion of the layers of skin
The consideration given to the dead body, prior to, during and after the embalming procedure is complete is: Case analysis
Escape of blood serum from an intravascular to an extravascular location immediately before death is: Agonal edema
When making telephone arrangements with an out of state relative of a deceased, you forgot to get permission to embalm. To charge for embalming, which you already performed, what must you do Inform the relative, make disclosure as necessary, and obtain written authorization
If there is poor circulation in the arm you should inject the: Axillary artery
A needle injector is used For mouth closure
A coffee ground appearance and foul odor would designate postmortem purge originating from the: Stomach
What organ should be given special attention in the embalming and preparation of babies Brain
Dilution of arterial fluid in the body is known as: Secondary dilution
Of the 9 regions of the abdomen, the central region is called: Umbilical
An arterial hemostat is useful to the embalmer for: Clamping a vessel
Which of the following is associated with the brachial artery Basilic vein
A factor that indicates the use of a MORE dilute arterial solution is: Emaciation
Which of the following direct treatments, other than by arterial injection of the contents of the body cavities and the lumina of the hollow viscera, is usually accomplished by aspiration and injection Cavity treatment
The irreversible cessation of all vital functions is: Death
"Which of the following conditions would require special attention during thoracic cavity embalming 1-Hydrothorax 2-Ascites 3-Hydropericardium
Another name for pleural effusion is: Hydrothorax
If the lips do not stay closed, DO NOT: Suture with a baseball stitch
When posing features, the eyelids should: Abut
"Which of the following injection sites should be used when embalming a newborn infant.1-Ascending aorta 2-Right common carotid 3-Abdominal aorta 4-Right brachial" 1-Ascending aorta 2-Right common carotid 3-Abdominal aorta
The settling of the blood to dependent portions of the body is called Hypostasis
The passage of embalming fluid through the capillary walls is called: Pressure filtration
The place of incision for the radial artery is: Lateral to the tendon of the flexor carpi radialis muscle
Those changes occurring in the interval prior to somatic death are: Antemortem
An imaginary line drawn on the surface of the skin to represent an approximate location of some deeper underlying structure is the: Linear guide
What vein accompanies the common carotid artery Internal jugular
A process of chemically treating the dead human body to reduce the presence and growth of microorganisms, to retard organic decomposition, and to restore to an acceptable physical appearance is: Embalming
Livor mortis is synonymous with: Cadaveric Lividity
Which of the following methods consists of injecting a few ounces of arterial chemical, then draining for a few minutes-each one separately Alternate
"Wearing protective clothing and exercising Universal Precautions while removing the deceased from the place of death 1-Provides an effective barrier to portals of entry 2-Eliminates the virulence of pathogens 3-Reduces the number of microorganisms present
4-Is required by OSHA's bloodborne pathogen rule". 1-Provides an effective barrier to portals of entry; 4-Is required by OSHA's bloodborne pathogen rule"
In a case involving death from uremia The ammonia reacts with formaldehyde
What pathological condition predisposes a body to distribution problems Phlebitis
STEL for HCHO monitoring should be: 15 min
Proteolysis refers to decomposition of: Proteins
The suture normally used to close a trocar puncture would be the: Purse string
Which of the following is the first of the organs to decompose Lining of trachea
When embalming an autopsied adult, the best method to embalm the upper extremities is to inject the... Subclavians
If the thumb does not clear, inject the ____ artery: Radial
A thrombus in the iliac veins would: Decrease drainage from lower extremities
When death has been due to pneumonia, an embalmer should expect Thoracic congestion and increased blood viscosity
In edematous remains: Results of embalming may reverse
The best choice for embalming a 1-day-old infant is: Abdominal artery
"Which of the following are methods of evaluating and monitoring fluid distribution 1-Staining dyes 3-Tissue dryness
A 25 year old male died 36 hours prior to the funeral home receiving the body. It was discovered outside in the summer. An autopsy was performed after 2 hours of refrigeration. Death was an aneurysm. The family wants an open casket. QUESTION: The most app : Co-injection and high index fluid
The Formaldehyde Standard for short-term exposure to formaldehyde is: 2 ppm/15 minutes
A final and positive sign of death is Generalized decomposition
When making a home removal, the 16 year old son authorizes embalming. You should: Obtain permission from an adult
Low index fluids used to inhibit bilirubin from turning to biliverdin are known as Jaundice fluids
Continuous drainage during injection is called: Concurrent
The deceased had liver cancer. The body is yellow. The right femoral artery has arteriosclerosis. QUESTION: If arterial methods have not been completely successful, what can be done to preserve the trunk Use a Hypodermic injection of cavity fluid.
Natural depressions on the face may be destroyed by excessive use of: Tissue builder
Clostridium perfringens should alert the embalmer to the presence of: Gas gangrene
Facial trauma with multiple lacerations require the embalmer to first clean and disinfect the area and apply: Temporary sutures
Which of the following is NOT done when placing the remains on the embalming table Body put in the prone position
"Signs of death exhibited by the eyes of the deceased include
3-Pupil dilation and non-response to light
2-Loss of luster of the conjunctiva
During a telephone call from an out-of-state relative of the deceased, verbal authorization to embalm was NOT secured. To later charge for embalming that was performed, the funeral director must Inform the relative of the embalming, make disclosure, and request written authorization
"Arterial tube connections can be identified as which of the following types 1-Quick-connect 2-Threaded
3-Slip type 4- Luer Lock
When a body exhibits an increased or excessive amount of bilirubin, the embalming is best done with Jaundice fluids
Death of the whole organism is called Somatic death
Discoloration resulting when formaldehyde reacts with hemoglobin in the tissues is called: Formaldehyde grey
What is the TWA for HCHO 8 hrs
The right anterior superior iliac spine is the trocar guide for the Cecum
Purge can be expected from all of the following EXCEPT Kidney
During embalming, the operator accidentally punctures himself, creating a biohazard exposure. What obligation does the employer have Provide medical treatment and necessary testing to determine if the employee was infected
Which of the following is an intrinsic factor in case analysis Pathological condition
A 25 year old male died 36 hours prior to the funeral home receiving the body. It was discovered outside in the summer. An autopsy was performed after 2 hours of refrigeration. Death was an aneurysm. The family wants an open casket. QUESTION: In addition Humectant
Which of the following is NOT used in the preparation of an autopsied body Wetting agent
In regards to the formaldehyde exposure level readings, the action level is 0.5 ppm
"Hemorrhagic, purulent vesicles should be drained during the embalming process and treated through surface embalming because they
1-Interfere with restorative art
2- Are infectious
A 25 year old male died 36 hours prior to the funeral home receiving the body. It was discovered outside in the summer. An autopsy was performed after 2 hours of refrigeration. Death was an aneurysm. The family wants an open casket. QUESTION: Which is the Dry the cavity and return treated viscera
What is NOT suggested to reduce rigor mortis Incision to sever muscles
Which condition will lead to early decomposition Edema
A secondary injection point used to clear the hand and fingers is the: Ulnar artery
The movement of embalming solutions from the point of injection throughout the arterial system and into the capillaries is Distribution
The line of lip closure has how many arcs Five
"When transferring remains from stretcher to table:1-Cover deceased's nose and mouth 2-Preserve the deceased's dignity 3-Wear personal protective gear 4-Roll remains onto the table" Cover deceased's nose and mouth 2-Preserve the deceased's dignity 3-Wear personal protective gear
Rigor mortis and algor mortis are similar in that both are: Postmortem conditions
Creamy, white, and odorless purge from the nostrils is probably from the Brain
An example of an extravascular resistance to fluid distribution would be Rigor mortis
A device that uses water pressure to produce a vacuum for aspiration of the visceral cavities is a Hydroaspirator
To remove purge from the oral passages, use the Nasal aspirator
A large volume of hypertonic arterial solution is primary used to treat what type of tissue Edematous
If, at the removal, you suspect foul play, you should Call the coroner/police/medical examiner
What is used to inject embalming fluid Arterial tube
Which of the following is NOT a term used to refer to the after death examinations of the organs and tissues of a body to determine cause of death or pathological conditions Therapy
Cavity embalming consists of two steps, aspiration and: Injection
Cavity embalming consists of two phases, one of which is: Aspiration
For which of the following is it essential that hospitals and community services have a plan for the expeditious mobilization and use of their services Disaster
Severe generalized edema is known as Anasarca
The deceased had liver cancer. The body is yellow. The right femoral artery has arteriosclerosis. QUESTION: The best embalming results would be obtained by using The restricted cervical method of injection
A death was from natural causes, but the body was refrigerated for 24 hours prior to embalming. No autopsy was performed. In order to minimize abdominal distension and prevent purge, it is important to Inject slowly
When preparing to embalm a body, the FIRST thing the operator should do is Put on protective gear
Signs of life are feebly maintained during: Apparent death
Which of the following sutures would best be employed for an abdominal puncture wound Purse String
The fluid of choice when the body is extremely dehydrated is High humectant content
How many ounces of formaldehyde are contained in a 16 oz. Bottle of 25 index arterial fluid 4 ounces
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