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Crim. Justice

Chapter 2

UCR Unique Crime Data
NIBRS National Incident Based Based Reporting System
Trends in 1933-1941 Crime Declines
1960's - 1980's Crime Tripled
1990-2009 Crime Dropped Consistently
2010-Present Overall Decline
Problems with UCR/NIBRS Definition not universal Severity of crime not measured Dark Figures Inidivid. life circumstances not accounted for Hierarchy Rule Clearance Rate by arrest -Exceptional Clearance
Part I Offenses
Personal/Violent Crime Murder Robbery Forcible Rape Aggravated Assault
Property Crime Burglary Larceny Theft
Murder Unlawful killing mostly in young ages stranger murders are rare spree murder -EX: DC Sniper Serial Murder -Dennis Rader Mass Murder -Campus Shooting Laci and Conner's Law -Fetus Homicide
Forcible Rape Carnal knowledge of female forcibly and against will Sexual Battery Statutory Rape Happens mostly during the summer Why? -Power of Sexual Gratification Who? -Acquaintances Date Rape Marriage Rape: Still considered rape even if ma
3 Main things to remember about crime? Motive Opportunity Capability
Robbery Unlawful taking/Attempt Taking Face to Face Confrontation Weapons or Strong Arm 43% of these occurrences happen in the outdoors Perps. are mostly Urban
Aggravated Assault Unlawful/Intentional Inflicting Weapon usually involved or need for Med. Assistance Happen mostly during the summer
Burglary Unlawful entry to commit felony or theft Can be Pro or Amateur Can be Residential or Commercial Has a low occurrence rate
Larceny Theft Unlawful Taking/Attempt Taking Can be simple or Grand Larceny -Based on $ Value
Motor Vehicle Theft Theft or Attempted Theft Most Reported occurrence is Insurance
Arson Any willing/malicious burning or attempt to burn Most crimes are undetermined Data usually incomplete Could be violent if injuries are involved
NCVS National Crime Victimization Survey Designed to measure all crimes -Reported Or Not Problems: -Unreliable Memories -Reluctance -Sampling Problems -Language Barriers -Victims Involvement
Other Crimes Family Crimes Stalking Hate Crimes White Collar Crime Organized Crime Terrorism Drug Crime Computer Crime
Created by: KyronCox