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Cm125 UNIT 1 Terms

Cm UNIT 1 Terms and Def.

Natural or acquired skill or talent Abilities
Developed skill Ability
Passed to prohibit discrimination against people between forty and seventy years of age Age Discrimination Act of 1967
Gives civil rights projections to those provided on the basis of race, sex, national origin, age, and religion, EOC administers these laws Americans with Disabilities Act of 1992
Developed abilities; those things that one is good at doing; potential for leaning skills Aptitudes
The act of evaluation Assessment
One's outlook on life; how one reacts to a situation. Attitude
Relating to the sense of hearing Auditory
An occupation or profession followed as a life's work Career
To make or become different; to replace with another Change
Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act; Law to provide terminated employees or those who lose insurance coverage because of reduced work to be able to buy group insurance for themselves and their families for a limited amount of time COBRA
To care deeply about other peopel and their well-being Compassion
The legal dissolution of a marriage Divorce
Proficiency in using the body or hands Dexterity
Enforces laws to prevent unfair treatment on the job due to sex, race, color, religion, national origin, disability, or age. Equal Employment Opportunities comssion (EEOC)
The principles of conduct that govern a group or society Ethics
Requires employeres with 50 or more workers to grant up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave a year to allow workers to take time off to help care for a new baby or ill family member without fear of losing their jobs Family Medical Leave Act 1993
Sets minimum wage, requires over-time pay for time worked over 40 hours, and restricts the employment of minors Fair Labor Standards Act
Weariness from labor or stress; tired Fatigue
Standardized written or performance test of knowledge, aptitude, values, etc. Formal Assessment
Sexdual indetify; a person knowing that their sex is permanent and cannot be changed Gender Identity
State of human development often referred to as the "working years", between a person's late twenties and early sixties. When he or she is productive in the world of work, develops a family and re-examines personal beliefes and values Generativity
A pursuit or interest engaged in for relaxation Hobby
Codes(career personality types) developed by Dr. John Hollard based on the assumption that people can be grouped into six personality types. These codes can be compared to characteristics important to occupations. Holland Codes
Pertaining to one only. Individual
Following a strict code of conduct or standard of values Integrity
Activities, things, and ideas a person likes and enjoys Interests
A periodic survey of a person's interests Interest Inventory
Relationships between persons Interpersonal
Relates to independent action Intrapersonal
An account of things Inventory
To do occasional piecse of work for hire; task. Job
Relates to interaction with people and objects in real space. Kinesthetic
An involuntary speration of hte employee from the employer for a temporary or indefinite period, through no fault of the employee Layoff
The ways people think and learn Learning Styles
Time free from every-day job responsibilities during which a person can pursue person interests and hobbies Leisure
The various parts of one's life, such as citizen, parent, spouse, worker, etc. Life Roles
Changes that occur as we move through life experiences. Life Stages
The way a person lives his or her life, including geographic location, type of home, method of transporation, and social situations Lifestyle
Pertaining to the the use of language. Linguistic
Use of reliable inference and reasoning Logical
The legal unions of a man and woman as husband and wife Marriage
Interested in natural environments Naturalist
Changes in job status Occupational Changes
The state or relationship of being a parent Parenthoob
Notice of termination Pink Slip
The employment of fewer people. Reduction in force
Extended protection to those with physical or mental handicaps Rehabilitation Act of 1973
Those things that aperson can use to help reach goals. Resources
A willingness to accept an obligation and be accountable or an action or situation Responsibility
The state of being retired from one's occupation. Retirement
Group of people who are caring for both their parents and their children. Sandwich Generation
How people view their own skills, interests, and competence level. Self-concept
How one views oneself; a feeling of good will with regard to how you feel about yourself; pride; confidence. Self-esteem
Proficiency or ability Skill
Preference to working with others. Social
Pertaining to a sense of space Spatial
Dismissal from employment Termination
Plan to use time wisely. Time Management
The proceseses of changing from one state, activity, or place to another. Transition
A joint state-federal program under which state-administered funds pay a weekly benefit for a limited tiem to eligible workers when they are involuntarily unemployed. Unemployment Insurance
Cherished ideas and beliefs that affect decisions a person makes. Values
Expressed in words. Verbal
Pertaining to light Visual
Provided free to those who meet the legal eligibility guidelines Vocational Rehabilitation Services
Good health. Wellness
Activity directed toward a goal that produces something of value; to exert oneself physically or mentally Work
How a person feels about his/her job and the effort he/she puts into it. Work Ethic
Those characteristics that employers require for employment(SCANS skills: basic skills, thinking skills, personal qualities, workplace competencies) Work Needs
Ideas and beliefs concering career/work that are important to a person and govern his/her perception of job/occupation/career Work Values
Guarantees financial assistance to workers in jured on the job. Worker's Compensation
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