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Bone and Cartilage

Bone and Cartilage Flash cards

Name parts of the body made of cartilage Xiphoid Process, Costal Cartilage, Vertabra Discs, External Ear (Fibrous) Epiglotis (Elastic)
What does chondroblasts give rise to? Chondrocytes
What do chondrocytes sit in? They sit in lacunae and if you remove them then you will have lacuna
Is cartilage vascular or avascular? Cartilage is avascular and does not have any capalaries in them
What kind of structure does type 2 collagen have? Type 2 collagen is a homotrimer in the interterritorial matrix
Once cartilage is damaged what happens? Once torn cartilage cannot repair
What type of collagen is fibrocartilage? Type 1
What is hydroxylpatite? It is the mineral in the bone
What is the tide mark? It is where cartilage meets bone
What happens if you remove mineral from bone? Organic material? Removal of mineral causes bone to lose its rigidity and it is now flexable. Removal of organic material causes it to become brittle
Name parts of the body with hyaline cartilage Anterior ribs, Joints Nose Rings that support the trachea Xiphoid process
Name parts of the body with elastic cartilage External ear, Epiglotis
Name parts of the body with fibrocartilage Intervertebral discs Pubic symphisis
What is the difference between fibrocartilage and hyaline cartilage? Fibrocartilage has type I collagen in addition to Type II, aggrecan and link protein
What is appostiitonal growth? Happens at the edge where chondroblasts proliferate into chondrocytes
What is chondrotin sulfate? A GAG portion of proteoglycan. It is a component of the ECM.
What are isogenous groups? Chondrocytes that arise from the same progenitor chondrocyte. This happens through interstial growth.
Definition of pericardrium A dense irregular connective tissue containing fibroblast and Type I collagen.
Is cartilage avascular or vascular? Avascular
Can cartilage repair it's matrix? Can it repair tears or fractures? Cartilage can repair it's matrix but not tears.
Smallest bone in the body? Ossicles of the middle ear: incus, malleus and stapes.
What does the tide mark refer to? Where cartilage meets bone
What are osteoclasts? Cell that chews up the matrix. They form by fushion
When bone gets eroded by osteoclasts what is the outcome? It is replaced by osteoblast.