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Waray Phrases

towards Maria hi Maria
Good morning. Maupay nga aga.
Good noon. (12p) Maupay nga udto.
Good afternoon. Maupay nga kulop.
Good evening. Maupay nga gab-i.
Many thanks / thank you very much. Madámo nga salamat.
You're welcome. Waray sápayán.
How are you? Kamusta ka?
Good. How about you? Maupay. Ikaw?
What's your name? Ano it imo ngaran?
I'm Justin. Ako hi Justin.
Next time instead. Sunod na la.
Tomorrow instead. Buwas na la.
Not this time. Ayaw na la.
I don't want / not me. Diri ako.
brother bogto
brothers (pl) kabogtoan
my brothers' friend sankay hit ak[on] mga kabogtoan
my friend's house akon sankay balay
mine akon
yours (singular) imo
his /her iya
ours aton
yours (pl) (i.e. the friend of all of you) iyo (i.e. iyo sankay)
their (pl) era
your (pl) friend iyo sankay
Tomorrow, you will eat bread with ube. Buwas, ikaw mangangaon pandesal hit may ube.
Let's exchange. balyo kita
a lot / many dámo
maybe bangin
finished / complete humán / tapos
work trabajo
What else? Ano man?
spicy maharang
Would you like? Gusto mo / niyo?
One more usa pa
at 4 o'clock a las cuatro
She is "systematic" Systematic hiya
There's poxiew. (food item) Mayda poxiew.
She opens abre hiya
to pay báyad
really? (an expression of doubt) balitaw?
to iron plancha
dog ido
Go ahead / straight. diretso
complaint reklamo
to complain reklamo
complainer reklamador
I will clean those... ako iton man huhugas
i will clean maghuhugas
i will clean your vagina wawawasan ha ikaw
i will sleep mangangawat ako
depends depende
finished now humán na
same parejo
that is yours imo iton
this is mine akon ini
he/she likes to clean gusto niya manhugas
I will buy Halls Defense for you. Mapalit ak[o] para ha imo.
What's the date? Ano it pitcha?
beautiful lady mahusay nga daraga
handsome man guapo nga lalake
beautiful girl mahusay nga babaye
handsome young man guapo nga oli-tawo
person tawo
lady daraga
The response to "Maupay nga aga/kulop/udto/gab-i" is... "Parejo-man ha im[o]"
meanwhile muna
not anymore ayaw na
I'm going to review this. Akon rereviewhan ini.
girl babaye
boyfriend sankay nga lalake
girlfriend sankay nga babaye
Justin and Das are really close. Mag-oyeb hira Justin an Das.
Where is your significant other now? Hain an imo oyeb yana?
significant other oyeb
Conjunction b/w an adj and noun in Waray: nga
This waray word means "the" it
This waray word can mean "and" or "is" an (i.e. Justin an das)
This waray word means "or" o
Would you like to go? Gusto umupod?
Will you go? Maupod ka?
Go out now. Gawas na.
tall / high hitaas
hide tago
Please aliyon
not sure diri sigurado
not yet diri pa
It's okay now / You can now [do so] Puyde na.
My eating portion is small. (I eat very little) Gutii akon kaon
What's the time? Ano it horas?
straight diretso
I have Mayda ko
Friday morning viernes hit aga
Friday noon viernes hit udto
Monday evening lunes hit gab-i
Monday lunes
Tuesday martes
Wednesday miercoles
Thursday hueves
Friday viernes
Saturday sabado
Sunday domingo
___ noon ___ hit udto
___ morning ___ hit aga
___ afternoon ___ hit kulop
___ evening ___ hit gab-i
cat oding
dog ayam
For whom? Para kan kanay?
cousin patód
to answer batón
to ask paki-ana
One way to use "please" in waray: 1) Paki + verb (i.e. Paki kuha)
Another way to use "please" in waray: 2) Alayon + pag + verb (i.e. Alayon pag kuha)
Please clean these. Alayon pag hugas ini / paki hugas ini.
Please go to James. Alayon pag kadto ha James (Paki kadto ha james)
school eskuwelan
to go to school eskwela
is going to school naeskwela
went to school nageskwela
to place inside sacób
eye matá
to wake up matá
waking up pagmatá
thin magasá
hot mapasó
cold mahágkut / matúgnaw
stinky mabahó
hint: refers to smell beneath armpit maanghit
smells like urine maangso
The diaper smells like urine. Maangso nga diaper
Jeanelle knows how to read notes. Jeanelle maaram bumasa hin nota.
to read basa
to cry took
hint: describes one who easily cries matook
crybaby matook nga bata
booger nganga
Dad will fart. Mautot hi Daddy.
Beautiful mahusay (hint: "maganda" in tagalog)
handsome gwapo
hand kamot
feet tiil
white-skinned mabusay
dark-skinned (black) maitom
murky malubong
clear matín-aw
you guys kamo
me ko or "ako"
you ka or "ikaw"
them/they hira
we (incusive) kita
we (exclusive) kami
"wax" in the eyes muta-on
messy face muring-uton
rubbery / elastic (as in food) mahunit
salty maasin
good maupay
another iba
correct? right?
mint herba buena
a dried fish (food) bulad
church simba / simbahan
I'm going to church. Maninimba ako.
that ito[n]
very salty mapagad (more than "maasin")
mapagad nga bulad The bulad is really salty.
That is Hawaiian. Hawaii iton.
I am Filipino. Filipino ako.
small gutiay
tiny gudtiay
really tiny gudtiayay (gutiay > gudtiay > gudtiayay)
"makaon" v "mangangaon" Makaon ako (or ikaw/hiya) v Mangangaon kami (or kita/hira)
look! kitaa
They are eating. Nangangaon hira.
You will throw this away. ilalabog [i]mo ito[n]
"mainum' v 'manginginum" mainum ako (or ikaw/hiya) v mangingium kita (or kami/hira)
mabaktas' v 'magbabaktas' mabaktas ako (or ka / hiya) v magbabaktas kita (or kami/hira)
They will return now. Mabalik na hira.
What did you eat? Ano im gin kaon?
Created by: Justin.Bentajado