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WVVS Unit 15

los animales animals
el oso bear
el pájaro bird
el gato cat
la vaca cow
el perro dog
el elefante elephant
el pez fish
la rana frog
el caballo horse
el león lion
el mono monkey
el cerdo pig
la oveja sheep
la serpiente snake
el tigre tiger
el ratón mouse
el pato duck
el conejo rabbit
el gallo rooster
la gallina hen
el pollo chick
el huevo egg
la abeja bee
la mosca fly
correr to run
dormir to sleep
cuidar to take care of
saltar to jump
caminar to walk
alimentar to feed
almorzar to eat lunch
contar to count/tell
costar to cost
devolver to return an item
poder to be able to/can
morir to die
volar to fly
volver to return
comenzar to start
divertirse to have fun
empezar to start/to begin
entender to understand
perder to lose
preferir to prefer
querer to want/like/love
tener to have
venir to come
pedir to ask for/request
decir to tell
repetir to repeat
medir to measure
adquirir to acquire
jugar to play (sports/games)
oler to smell
Created by: srastephens