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Glossary SS11 A

Text Glossary for all things beginning with A

Aberhart, William 1878-1943 Founder and leader of the Alberta Social Credit Party during the Depression. See Social Credit.
Aboriginal Right to Vote In 1960, aboriginal peoples in Canada were granted the right to vote in federal elections. Prior to this, for aboriginals to vote they were required to give up their status under the Indian Act.
Aboriginal rights The recognition of Aboriginal land claims and the right to continue to hunt and fish on their traditional lands.
Aboriginal self government The concept that aboriginal peoples have the right to establish local government that would be equal and parallel to the provincial and federal governments.
Age structure Dividing the population into three age groups: children up to age 15, working adults 16 to 64, and adults 65 years and older.
Agenda 21 A statement adopted at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 stressing the need for the world to develop a sustainable world economy.
Agribusiness Farm businesses owned by corporations controlled by shareholders. Usually produce specialized products to meet market demands.
Amending formula 1982 Constitution can be amended with the support of the 50% of the Canadian population and 7/10 provinces.
Appeal Court of British Columbia The highest court of appeal for British Columbia. Can hear cases that come from the Supreme Court of British Columbia.
Appeasement The granting of concessions in order to maintain peace."
Aquifers Areas that may be deep beneath the surface of the Earth where groundwater is stored. Aquifers may be used to supply water for
Arable land Land that is suitable for agriculture.
Armistice On November 11, 191 8, the German and allied military leaders signed an armistice which ended the fighting on the western front in World War I.
Arsenal of democracy A term used to describe part of Canada's contribution to the victory in the Second World War. Canada earned this title for its large production of munitions, military vehicles, and airplanes.
Assimilation The policy of the federal government towards aboriginal peoples, from the mid 19th century until the late 1960's.
Assembly of First Nations Formed in 1980 to represent all the aboriginal groups across Canada in their dealings with the federal government.
Atlantic, Battle of the 1939-1945. Battle between allied navies and air forces against German U-boats, in order to keep the convoy supply routes open to Britain from North America, in particular.
Attrition Slowly wearing down. Often used to describe trench warfare in the First World War.
Autonomy Self-government and independence which Canada finally gained in 1982.
Avro Arrow A state-of-the-art fighter plane that was developed for the RCAF during the 1950's.
Axis powers A reference to the alliance between Germany, Italy and Japan during the Second World War.
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