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Unit #13

The Civil War & Assassination of Lincoln

Define Emancipation: Freedom
Why was Fort Sumter important? It was where the Civil War started
Where is Fort Sumter located? The harbor of South Carolina
Who is the UNION? The North
What is the South's name? The Confederate States of America
What Northern state NEVER voted for Lincoln? New Jersey
Who was the President of the North? Abe Lincoln
Who was the President of the South? Jefferson Davis
Give examples of Northern States: New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Indiana, Vermont, California, Illinois, New Hampshire, Wisconsin
About how many people dies fighting in the Civil War? 600,000
What are Border States? Those States that are located in between the North and the South
What are the Border States? Kentucky, Missouri, Delaware, Maryland
What WAS NOT a Border State? Nebraska & Kansas
Give examples of correct Southern States: Texas, Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi,Georgia
What side did the Border States support? The North
Why did the Border States support the North? Because they could keep their slaves
Define SECEDE: To leave
What years were the Civil War fought? 1860-1864
What side wore a BLUE uniform? The North
What side wore a GREY uniform? The South
How many Afican Americans were enslaved in the South? 4 million
What was the South's population in total? 9 million
List some reasons on why the NORTH would win the war: They had more people, railroads, factories, workers and money then the South
During the Civil War, what did the South have more of? They had more cows, cotton, donkeys, rice
What was Gettysburg BEFORE the Civil War? A farm
What was Gettysburg AFTER the Civil War? A cemetary
What did the Emancipation Proclamation fail to do? free the slaves in the Border States
Who made the Emancipation Proclamation? Lincoln
Where is Gettysburg located? Pennsylvania
What was the South trying to do during the Battle of Gettysburg? Capture Washington D.C.
What DID the Emancipation Proclamation do? Freed slaves only in areas of the country that was in rebellion
What was the "turning point" of the war? Gettysburg
Why was Gettysburg the Turning point of the war? Because it stopped the South and caused them to loose 40% of their army
Who did the Emancipation Proclamation free? Really.....no one.
What was the first state to secede? South Carolina
Who were the Massachusetts 54th? Black soldiers who fought during the Civil War
What landmark did the Massachusetts 54th attack? Fort Wagner
Who assassinated Lincoln? John Wilkes Booth
What 2 men represented the North and the South at the end of the Civil War? Lee & Grant
Where did the South surrender to the North? Appomattox Court House
What were runaway slaves employed to do during the Civil War? Bury the dead
Who was Robert E. Lee? Famous general for the South
Who was Ulysses Grant? Famous general for the North
Who won the Civil War? The North
What else was the North called? The Union
What did John Wlkes Booth do for a living? He was an actor
Why is Ford's Theatre important? It is where Lincoln was assassinated
How many days after the war was Lincoln assassinated? 5 days
Where is Lincoln buried today? Illinois
What happened to John Wilked Booth? He killed himself
Where is Appomattox Court House? Virginia
What side won the Battle of Gettysburg? North
How many army troops did the Union loose during Gettysburg? 25%
How many army troops did the Confederacy loose during Gettysburg? 40%
What Western State was a part of the Union? California
Who wrote "O Captain! My Captain!" Walt Whitman
What is the poem "O Captain! My Captain!" about? Lincoln's death
What was Fort Sumter? An island off of South Carolina
Who were NOT INCLUDED in the Emancipation Proclamation? Border State Slaves
What happened to the attack on Fort Wagner in South Carolina? It failed for the Union and the Massachusetts 54th
What group of people led Lincon's body from the White House to the Capitol? Black Soldiers
What play was Lincoln watching when he was assassinated? "Our American Cousin"
Define Reconstruction: The time period AFTER the Civil War when the USA tries to rebuild itself
What amendment outlawed slavery? 13th
This amendment made blacks citizens 14th
the 15th amendment: gave black men the vote
Created by: rsweeney