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Pharmacy PTCE 140

Pharmacy Technician PTCE study cards

1 The pharmacist has asked u 2 obtain a Med Watch form so she can report a adverse event regarding a veterinary product b "" a drug c "" a vaccine d "" a medical device 1. b. an adverse event regarding a drug.
2. Meds 4 ophthalmic administration r usually available in __or ___ a. sterile hypotonic gtts/sterile oint b. sterile hypertonic gtts/sterile oint c. hypotonic sol./hypotonic susp. d. sterile isotonic drops/sterile oint 2. d. sterile isotonic drops or sterile ointment
3. A Class _____ drug recall is the most serious. a. I b. II c. III d. IV 3. a. I
4. Most drugs are metabolized by the a. liver b. kidneys c. gall bladder d. gastrointestinal tract 4. a. liver
5. Nolvadex or ___________ is an anti-estrogen type medication that is often used in the treatment of breast cancer. a. albuterol b. tamoxifen c. phenytoin d. nifedipine 5. b. tamoxifen
6. Tylenol No. 3 is acetaminophen 325mg and codeine _____ mg. a. 15 mg b. 30 mg c. 60 mg d. none of the above 6. b. 30 mg
7. When using a Class A prescription balance, the least weighable quantity is a. 6 mg b. 120 mg c. 500 mg d. the same as the sensitivity requirement. 7. b. 120 mg
8. The form number for ordering Schedule II drugs is a. DEA Form 121 b. DEA Form 200 c. DEA Form 222 d. DEA Form 240 8. c. DEA Form 222
9.. Which drug can be used as a patch? a. nupercainal ointment b. clonidine c. amoxicillin d. vitamin c 9 b. clonidine
10. How much diluent do you need to add to a 4 gm vial to get a concentration of 250 mg/ml? Disregard the space the powder may occupy. a. 12 ml b. 14ml c. 16 ml d. 18 ml 10. c. 16 ml
11. The smallest gelatin capsule used for extemporaneous compounding is size a. 10 b. 8 c. 5 d. 000 c. 5
12. Which type of drug would be considered a drug of abuse? a. opiates b. alcohol c. nicotine d. all of the above d. all of the above
13. Furosemide or Lasix is used as a. an analgesic b.. an anti-inflammatory agent c. a sedative d. a diuretic d. a diuretic
17. Federal law requires pharmacies to have available for inspection Copy 3 of the DEA Form 222 for a period of ______ year(s). a. 1 b. 4 c. 3 d. 2 d. 2
22. The ___________ is the agency that registers pharmacists.. a. Department of Public Health b. NAPLEX c. Joint Commission d. State Board of Pharmacy d. State Board of Pharmacy
23 The Material Safety Data Sheets(MSDS) a provide protocols 4 fire hazards in the pharmacy setting b pro safety codes by OSHA in the storage of inventory c pro info concerning hazardous subst d none of the above c. provide information concerning hazardous substances
25. What does DAW mean on a written prescription? a. the medication ordered is a controlled substance b. the medication shld be taken with h2o c. the brand name is 2 be dispensed as written d. refills r limited to 6 mont c. the brand name is to be dispensed as written
27. The last set of digits of the NDC are indicative of a. the manufacturer b. product identification c. package size d. none of the above c. package
29 A pt asks whether they can take a certain med w/ another 1. As a pharmacy tech, what shld u do? a inform the pt that u see no problem b provide the pt w/ a drug insert c request the pt see the pharmacist for a consult c. request the patient see the pharmacist for a consult
30. The doctor writes: ii gtts OU bid. What does this mean? a. two drops in the left eye twice a day b. two drops in the right eye twice a day c. two drops in each eye twice a day d. two drops in the right ear twice a da c. two drops in each eye twice a day
31. Which of the following suppositories should be stored in the refrigerator? a. Phenergan b. Thorazine c. Tigan d. Compazine a. Phenergan
32. Which of the following books is used for FDA's list of approved drug products? a. Merck Index b. Red Book c. Orange Book d. Martindale c. Orange Book
33. Propranolol is the same as a. Inderal b. Tenormin c. lisinopril d. Corgard a. Inderal
34. Thiazide diuretics are used to a. relieve migraine headaches b. relieve gastroenteritis c. manage of pain d. manage the retention of water d. manage the retention of water
35. Of the following, which one deals with the issue of safety caps on prescription bottles? a. The Controlled Substance Act b. The Poison Prevention Act c. Hazardous Substance Act d. Federal Food and Cosmetic Act b. The Poison Prevention Act
36. An example of a major drug-drug interaction would be a. warfarin-aspirin b. digoxin-diltiazem c. penicillin-cephalosporin d. hydrocodone-codeine a. warfarin-aspirin
37. The appearance of crystals in mannitol injection would indicate that the product a. was exposed to cold b. has settled during shipment c. contains impurities and should be returned d. was formulated using sterile sal a. was exposed to cold
40 The Occupational, Safety, Health Admin. OSHA requires pharmacies 2 have Material Safety Data Sheets MSDS 4 a all drugs in the pharm inventory b each hazardous chemical used in the pharmacy c. each hazardous chemical used in the pharmacy
41. Of the following group names, which one would be used for cough? a. antihelmintics b. antitussives c. antihistamines d. anticholinergics b. antitussives
42. Tobrex ophthalmic ung refers to a. an ointment used for the eye b. a solution used for the eye c. a topical ointment for external use only d. an ointment for the ear a. an ointment used for the eye
43. Suspending/thickening agents r added 2 suspensions 2 thicken the suspending medium & the sedimentation rate Which of the following is not a suspending agent? a. carboxymethylcellulose b. tragacanth c. acacia c. acacia
47. Of the following schedules, which one deals with drugs that have no medicinal use in the United States and have a high abuse potential? a. Schedule I b Schedule II c. Schedule III d. Schedule IV a. Schedule I
48. You receive a prescription for sertraline (Zoloft) qd x 30 days. What is sertraline? a. antihypertensive b. anticonvulsant c. antidepressant d. antianginal c. antidepressant
49. All aseptic manipulations in the laminar flow hood should be performed at least a. four inches within the hood b. six inches within the hood c. eight inches within the hood d. twelve inches within the hood b. six inches within the hood
50. Pharmacy technicians can perform their duties provided they a. check everything they do b. read all labels three times c. have all labels and products checked by a pharmacist d. are certified c. have all labels and products checked by a pharmacist
52. Which of the following is a Schedule II Controlled Substance? a. diazepam b. meperidine c. pentazocine d. propoxyphene b. meperidine
53. If the manufacturer's expiration date for a drug is 12/06, the drug is considered acceptable to dispense until which date? a. 12/01/06 b. 12/31/06 c. 11/30/06 d. 01/01/07 b. 12/31/06
55. A small volume intravenous bag specifically used to deliver medication is called an a. IV b. IVPB c. injection d. none of the above b. IVPB
57. The laminar flow hood should be left operating continuously. If it is turned off, it should not be used until it has been running for at least a. 10 minutes b. 30 minutes c. 45 minutes d. 1 hour b. 30 minutes
58. Which auxiliary label would you use for this particular sig: ii gtts AU bid? a. take with meals b. for the ear c. avoid sunlight d. for the eye b. for the ear
61. Benzethidine is in DEA Sched I, meaning? b can only b handled by the pharmacists d has no currently accepted med use in the U.S. d. has no currently accepted medical use in the United States
62. In which controlled substance schedule is Tylenol No. 2 classified? a. Schedule I b. Schedule II c. Schedule III d. Schedule IV c. Schedule III
64. Licensing & general professional oversight of pharmacists & pharmacies are carried out by a. colleges of pharmacy b. state board of pharmacy c. the American Pharmaceutical Association d. the U.S. Pharmacopeial Conventi b. state board of pharmacy
66. The first line of defense against infection/contamination of an IV product is a. antibiotics b. antiseptics c. disinfectants d. hand washing d. hand washing
67. The most widely used reference of an IV admixture program is (the) a. Handbook of Injectable Drugs b. Redbook c. Remington's d. Martindale's. a. Handbook of Injectable Drugs
68. Which of the following medications must be administered in a glass IV container? a. aminophylline b. dopamine c. nitroglycerin d. potassium c. nitroglycerin
69. Preservative-free drugs must be used when drugs will be injected by which route of administration? a. intramuscular b. intrathecal c. intravenous d. subcutaneous b. intrathecal
70. The two parts of the syringe that should not be touched are a. the tip and the needle b. the collar and barrel c. the tip and the plunger d. the collar the plunger a. the tip and the needle
71. The establishment of the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation ActOBRA 1990 led 2 most states requiring a the use of pharmacy techs b the counseling of patients by pharmacists c the enactment of the Controlled Substance Act b. the counseling of patients by pharmacists
72. The first five digits of the National Drug Code (NDC) number identifies the a. product b. manufacturer c. units d. type of packaging b. manufacturer
73. Sig or signa on a written prescription means a.. the strength of the med ordered b. the quantity of med ordered c. the directions for the med ordered d. the signature of the Practitioner writing the medication ordered c. the directions for the medication ordered
78. The use of isopropyl alcohol is important as a means to prevent contamination of an IV product. What should the minimum percent of isopropyl alcohol used be? a. 50% b. 70% c. 90% d. 100% b. 70%
79. Most drugs and their metabolites are excreted by the a. liver b. kidneys c. gall bladder d. gastrointestinal tract b. kidneys
80. The % or fraction of the administered dose of a drug that actually reaches systemic circulation & the rate at which this occurs is the drugs a bioequivalence b bioavailability c therapeutic equivalence b. bioavailability
81. The type of formulary that allows the pharmacy to obtain all medications that are prescribed is a (an) a. international formulary. b. closed formulary. c. wholesaler formulary d. open formulary d. open formulary
82. Zantac, Tagamet, & Pepcid r H2 blockers which r available OTC. What r these drugs used 4? a used as an antihistamine 2 alleviate runny nose b used as a decongestant 2 unclog nasal passages c used 2 inhibit stomach acid secreti c. used to inhibit stomach acid secretion
83. A "hospital borne" infection is also known as a __________ infection. a. nosocomial b. infectious c. superinfection d. none of the above a. nosocomial
84. Of the following drug recalls, which 1 is the most impt in that all parties involved in the disp of a Rx (Dr,pharmacy& pt) must be notified due 2 the drugs serious harm? a Drug Recall I b Drug Recall II c Drug Recall III a. Drug Recall I
95. More than 3/4 of sales from pharmaceutical manufacturers are directly to a. wholesalers b. chain pharmacies c. hospitals d. mail order pharmacies a. wholesalers
106. Which of the following medications is associated with gradual discontinuation of therapy? a. Amoxil b. Sumycin c. Medrol d. Zovirax c. Medrol
107. Alprazolam is a: a. narcotic b. barbiturate c. benzodiazepine d. stimulant c. benzodiazepine
108. A medication to reduce fever is called a/an: a. antitussive b. antipyretic c. expectorant d. analgesic b. antipyretic
109. What medication may cause an allergic reaction if a patient is allergic to penicillin to Ceclor? a. azithromycin b. doxycycline c. cefaclor d. amantadine c. cefaclor
110. A prescription for Duragesic patches should be filed under which DEA schedule? a. Schedule I b. Schedule II c. Schedule III d. Schedule IV b. Schedule II
111. Which of the following medications is most likely to be associated with photosensitivity? a. Bactrim b. Amoxil c. Suprax d. Cleocin a. Bactrim
112. A pharmacist shld be alerted about possible drug interactions when _____ & ____ r prescribed 4 the same patient. a. Zantac and Zocor b. Allopurinol and ibuprofen c. Darvocet N-100 and Dyazide d. Coumadin & Percodan d. Coumadin and Percodan=
113. Which of the following medications is classified in DEA Schedule III? a. Percodan b. Percocet c. Vicodin d. Valium c. Vicodin
114. Which of the following medications is an antidiarrheal? a. propranolol b. famotidine c. methylphenidate d. loperamide d. loperamide
115. Vitamin A is a __________ -soluble vitamin and Vitamin C is a _______ -soluble vitamin. a. water, water b. fat, water c. fat, fat d. water, fat b. fat, water
116. Which of the following medications contains morphine? a. Demerol b. Dolophine c. MS Contin d. Mobigesic c. MS Contin
117. If a medication is to be taken a.c., it should be taken a. in the morning. b. around the clock c. after meals d. before meals d. before meals=
118. The federal agency associated with the Controlled Substance Act is the a. ASHP b. DEA c. Treasury Department d. FDA b. DEA
119. The receipt of orders for Schedule III controlled substances can be documented on a. DEA Form 222 b. the invoice/packing slip from wholesaler c. DEA Form 600 d. FDA Form 1210 b. the invoice/packing slip from wholesaler
120. Which DEA number fails the numerical check for DEA numbers? a. AK 6782329 b. AB 3081421 c. AG 1355672 d. BS 3421234 d. BS 3421234=
121. An example of an H2 receptor blocker is a. Pepcid b. Lomotil c. Chlor-Trimeton d. Prilosec a. Pepcid
122. The directions "ii gtt o.u. q.i.d." indicate the medication is a/an a. otic b. ophthalmic c. oral d. ointment b. ophthalmic
123. __________________ is an example of an anabolic steroid. a. Methylprednisolone b. Prednisone c. Testosterone d. Conjugated estrogens. c. Testosterone
124. Vasotec is a member of which of the following classes of drugs? a. antibiotic b. beta-blocker c. calcium channel-blocker d. ACE inhibitor d. ACE inhibitor
125. A pharmacist should be alerted if a patient is allergic to codeine and is prescribed a. Xanax b. Klonopin c. Vicodin d. Ritalin c. Vicodin
126. A term used to describe the rate that inventory is used is a. MSDS b. turnover c. POS. d. spoilage b. turnover
127. Storing drugs a room temperature means storing at a. between 59 and 86 degrees F b. between 65 and 75 degrees F c. between 40 and 42 degrees F d. less than 80 degrees F a. between 59 and 86 degrees F between 59 and 86 degrees F
128. Child resistant caps r required 4 a. only 4 Rx intended 4 children b. all Rx unless the patient requests an easy open cap c. only 4 prescriptions dispensed 2 household with children b. all prescriptions unless the patient requests an easy open cap
129. The first federal drug law was the a. Food Drug and Cosmetic Act b. Durham- Humphrey Amendment c. Pure Food and Drugs Act d. Kefauver- Harris Amendment c. Pure Food and Drugs Act
130. HIPAA requires that a all Medicaid patients r offered counseling by a pharmacist b all pts receive counseling by a pharmacist c privacy rules are observed for protected health info d. privacy rules are observed for protected health information
131. Nitroglycerin is available in a sublingual tablet. This means that a the tablet shld be dissolved in the cheek b the tablet shld be swallowed whole c the tablet shld be dissolved under the tongue d. the tablet should be dissolved under the tongue
132. The _________ is the most often used form for billing disease state management services. a. UCF b. online adjudication c. CMS-1500 (formerly HCFA 1500) d. Form 222 c. CMS-1500 (formerly HCFA 1500)
133. Membrane filters are intended to filter a solution a. from a suspension b. as the solution is pulled into the syringe c. as the solution is expelled from a syringe d. as the needle is removed from the syringe c. as the solution is expelled from a syringe
134. For needle sizes, a higher gauge number means a. the syringe is smaller b. the bevel is smaller c. the lumen is smaller d. the hub is smaller c. the lumen is smaller
135. The resulting solution, when a drug is added to a parenteral solution is called a. lyophilized b. an admixture c. a lock d. a diluents b. an admixture
136. Licenses for controlled substances are issued by the a. JCAHO b. APhA c. State Board d. DEA b. APhA
137. The managed care network that covers costs inside, but not outside of the network is a. POS b. HMO c. PBM d. PPO d. PPO
138. The federal-state program that provides health care for the needy is called a. PAP b. Medicaid c. Medicare d. HMO b. Medicaid
139. When completing a universal claim form, drugs are billed using the a. UPIN b. NDC c. 222 d. CMS -1500 (formerly HCFA 1500) b. NDC
140. The Orange Book provides information about a. investigational drugs b. drug product stability c. current pricing d. generic equivalents d. generic equivalents
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