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Our Town-Durst 2012

Our Town Study Guide 2012 Durst

Know about Thornton Wilder. Born in Madison, Wisconsin. Had a twin brother who died. Had an older brother and 3 younger sisters.
Thornton Wilder was this type of writer: contemporary writer (modern writer)
Thornton Wilder went to college at: Yale and Princeton
Thornton Wilder was known as a "rebel". Why? His plays were innovative and creative, fresh and done in new ways never seen before
The setting of the play is in what imaginary town? Grover's Corners, New Hampshire
The play takes place over 3 time periods. What are they? 1901, 1904, and 1913
The play is made up of 3 acts. Name the title of ACT 1. Act 1: Daily Life (birth occurs, start of love and relationships)
Name the title of ACT 2. Act 2: Love and Marraige (George and Emily get married)
Name the title of ACT 3. Act 3: Death (Emily dies in childbirth at the age of 26)
Know the characters in the play. Gibbs family: Doctor Gibbs, Mrs. Gibbs, George Gibbs, and Rebecca Gibbs (George's sister)
Webb Family: Mr. Webb (newspaper editor), Mrs. Webb, Emily (daughter), Wally (Emily's brother)
Who is Simon Stimson? the church organist who was an alcoholic and is dead (a spirit) in the last act of the play. He committed suicide.
Sam Craig Emily Webb's cousin who comes to town for her funeral
The Stage Manager (Mr. Morgan): the narrator of the play. He talks to the audience and to the characters in the play.
Act 2 starts in 1904, just after George and Emily graduate from high school. What big event is being planned? George and Emily's wedding
Howie Newsome does this in the play: delivers milk with Bessie (the cow)
Si Crowell does this in the play: delivers newspapers
What was different about when Dr. Gibbs married Mrs. Gibbs compared to George and Emily's wedding? They hadn't met each other before their wedding (arranged marraige).
Describe how/when George and Emily knew they were meant for each other: (Act 2, page 555-558) George just elected Pres. of Jr. class. Emily elected Sec. and Treasurer. Walking home after school, Emily tells George he's acting conceited, too much obsession with baseball. George decides not to go to college. Emily professes her love for him.
How does Emily's brother, Wallace (Wally), die in the the play? his appendix burst while he was on a Boy Scout trip
Act 3 starts with 4 characters who are now dead and talking in the cemetary. Who are the dead characters? Mrs. Gibbs (George's mother), Simon Stimson, Mrs. Soames, and Wally Webb
What day does Emily's spirit choose to revisit? Her 12th birthday. She realizes how precious even the small moments in life are and how we fail to notice them when it's important.
The play starts in the morning and ends at night. Why is this important? How does it help to symbolize the cycle of life?
What is the name of the town's newspaper the Sentinel
Who is Mrs. Soames? woman at George and Emily's wedding who spoke loudly about her excitement about the wedding and their happiness. She is dead in Act 3.
Created by: maplelakesped
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