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IC3 Unit 7

IC3 Unit 7 Terms

Type of data that is used in its original form. Analog
The carrying capacity of the wires or radio medium Bandwidth
These are used as journals where one person writes on specific topic, and others then post comments for that topic Blog
When people can participate in main discussion or you can go into separate “room” for different or private conversation Chat Room
A computer that requests services from server Client
Network with two computer types in which one types makes a service request from another type which fulfills the request. Client-Server Network
Copper wire surrounded with insulation with a grounded cover of braided wire to minimize electrical and radio frequency interference – used for cable television and computer networks(obsolete) Coaxial
Type of data that is converted into 1s and 0s. Digital
Any type of communication that takes place over the internet Electronic Communication
Messages that are sent electronically using an account provided by an ISP Electronic Mail (email)
Internet technology to allow company to share information with another organization (Business to business connection) Extranet
Bundled glass or plastic fibers (threads) are used to transmit data Fiber Optics
This is wireless option works with light waves to transmit data Infrared
Similar to having conversation involving two or more people, except in text and only one comment at a time can be received by everyone in that conversation Instant Messaging
This is an international computer network, similar in design to worldwide telephone network Internet
Private LAN that uses same set of network protocols as Internet but set up in organization Intranet
A network contained to one building Local Area Network (LAN)
Similar to bulletin boards where you can post comment about topic although you may have to subscribe to them Message board/newsgroup
Rules that illustrate the ethical use of electronic communication Netiquette
Enables numerous people to meet online using software designed for Internet use Online Conference
Network where all computers have equal authority and is fully functional on its own Peer to Peer network
Rules that Devices connected via network must follow Protocol
A mainframe computer, minicomputer, Unix workstation, or very powerful PC with server software installed that has users clearly identified and access rights assigned Server
Web sites you can join to connect with people you know or to meet new people and you can create a profile and post pictures, video, or text about yourself, or play games Social Networking Site
An unsolicited email message to promote products and services or for political/religious purposes Spam
Language or protocol used by computers so they can communicate with one another. TCP/IP(transfer control protocol/internet protocol)
Similar to instant messages except created and sent from cellular phones with limit on number of characters allowed per message Text messaging
Type of cable containing pairs of copper wires carrying analog or digital signals Twisted Pair cable
This uses digital format that follows Internet protocol to enable audio conversations by two or more people in different areas VoIP
A network that crosses public street and uses publicly supplied cabling Wide Area Network (WAN)
Connections that do not require any cables because each computer must have a certain network card and an access point Wireless
In the email address: john.smith@gmail.com- what is john.smith Mailbox Name
In the email address: john.smith@gmail.com- what is gmail Organization Name
In the email address: john.smith@gmail.com- what is .com Domain Category
Where in an email do you put the address of the person the email is intended to speak to To:
If you want to send an email to someone, but you don’t want anyone else to see they received the email—you’d put their address where Bcc:
In an email this is the place you would put an email for a person who was not the intended recipient, but whom you’d like to get a copy. Cc:
Keeping track of User IDs/Passwords, Setting up network firewalls, updating antivirus software, and monitoring employees on the internet are all things that someone with this job would do Network Administrator
The part of the email that the message is typed into Body
Documents that are added to an email Attachments
Part of an email that indicates what the email is about Subject Line