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Chap. 10-Wahlig

What do people use natural resources to produce? goods
People make products using _________ and_________natural resources. renewable and nonrenewable
A softball bat is made from_______. Which are___________resources. trees renewable
Renewable resources can be_____________________________ replaced within a short period of time
Before a bat can be made, what needs to happen to the tree? It must be cut down and split into lumber.
Machines, tools, and buildings are examples of what type of resource? Capital
Computerized machines help businesses make what kind of profits? bigger
Computerized machines make products ____________which costs the company_________money. quickly less
What state is Ellicottville in? New York
What state is Phoenix in? Arizona
What does it mean if a resource is scarce? There is not enough of it.
Name 3 scarce resources. Wood, gasoline, and coal
Because resources are scarce people must do what? Choose how to use them
If you use too much wood for a project, what might happen? There might not be enough for another project.
Because wood is scarce, a truck driver might take wood from __________to_________________. Portland, Oregon Phoenix, Arizona
There is plenty of wood in____________________. Portland, Oregon
Before wood can be shipped, what needs to happen first? It needs to be cut down and milled
What state is New York City located in? New York
What do people around the world depend on each other for? goods and services
Why do people choose to trade with each other? Because the both benefit from the trade
What are 2 other reasons why people trade? To make money to get goods they cannot make
What is communication? The sharing of information or news
Name one way goods were transported during ancient times and today. ship
Who specialized in building ships? the people of ancient Rome
Name some natural resources used at school. trees-for furniture, paper, pencils water and gas for heat
What human resources are found at school? teachers, principal, cooks,
What capital resources are found at school? playground, building, desks, chairs, and computers
Created by: Mrs. Logan