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study guide 1-10

hertz measures the frequency of sound
bioluminescent living thinbg that gives off light
fungi mushrooms, mold, mildew, and yeast
bacteria members of kingdom monera
gallon four quarts equals one:
mile 5,230 feet equals one:
igneous rocks granite, pumice, and basalt
sedimentary rocks limestone and sandstone
metamorphic rocks marble, slate, gniess
opaque tin foil is:
translucent wax paper is:
spores most plants reproduce with seeds, but ferns, mosses, and fungi reproduce with:
foot 12 inches equal one:
pound 16 ounces equals one:
ton 2,000 pounds equals one:
freezing point 32 degrees is the _________ __________ of water
boiling point 212 degrees is the ________ _______ of water
niche the role and organism plays in its environment
friction two objects rubbing together create:
kinetic energy of motion is ________ energy
potential stored energy is ____________ energy
dormancy animals hibernate, plants go into:
vibrate musical instruments ____________ to produce sounds
sonar an instrument that uses sound echoes to measure the oceans depths
roygbiv the colors of the visible spectrum
red the color with the longest wavelenth
violet the color with the shortest wavelength
faster light travels much __________ than sound through the atmosphere
reflected when light bounces off an object, it is:
refracted when light bends, it is:
transmitted when light passes through an object it is:
condense if you cool a gas, it may ______________ into a liquid
freeze if you cool a liquid, it may ____________ into a solid
microscope using a _____________, you can see many parts of a cell
rectangular plant cells tend to be ____________ in shape
nucleus the control center of the cell
cytoplasm the jellylike substance in a cell is the:
vacuole the water and waste storage sacs in the cell
cell membrane the thin, outer layer of the cell is the:
cell wall the thick, outer covering of the plant cell
chloroplasts plant cells have _____________ which hold chlorophyll needed for photosynthesis
gulf stream an ocean current that carries warm water from the equator towards Europe across the Atlantic Ocean
continental shelf the greatest variety of ocean life is in the shallowest part of the ocean above the:
trenches the deepest parts of the ocean
tides the regular rise and fall of the ocean caused by the moons gravity
crest the high point on a wave
trough the low point on a wave
salinity the word describes the saltiness of the ocean
pistil the female part of the flower
stamen the male part of the flower
Created by: PRO Teacher lit123