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INL 133 SU 3

Information science

What are more important than raw materials as competitive weapons? (Name four) -Information -Knowledge -skills -ideas
What does knowledge, skills and ideas change? The nature of work
Quote the new global economy emerged: "your work is no longer where you are, your work is what you do"
What does the quote of the new global economy emerged focus on? skills and ideas not necessarily experience
What became the preferred mode of organizational functioning? Networks of like-minded people
Over what is networks of like-minded people preferred? Large bureaucratic organizations
Give another name for large bureaucratic organizations? invisible college
what is the use of information across professions>? -information today change the way we work -Value of information is being placed on the most effective and efficient use of information -no occupation survive without utilizing information -Jeremy Rifkin's book
What does Jeremy Rifkin discuss in his book? The end of work: the decline of the global labor force and the dawn of the post-market era.
Give three names of the person that is responsible for the management of information in a company: -Chief: information officer -Head: Information services -Vice-President: Information management
Give the three summarized points of the main activities of an information manager. 1. Coordination, integration and control of activities aimed at the flow of information 2.determination of information needs of users 3. Formulation of information policies
Name two types of infopreneur: -Information broker -Information consultant
What does the information consultant do? Provides a professional service at a fee
Name the 3 factors involving information consultant: -design, implementation and maintenance of information systems -Training of staff in formation services -Information auditing
What can the information broker be defined as? a Mediator who mainly involved in the buying and/or selling information on behalf of the client
Give an example of an information broker? Flat finders
What are other activities of an information broker include? -Analysis of information content (e.g Translators) -Condensing of information (e.g indexing and abstracting) -Thesaurus construction
Due to what can information coordinators seen as relatively new? Development of information technology
Name four different labels distinguished by information coordinators: -Information specialist -Information controller -Knowledge engineer -Online coordinator
Give the summarized points of the main activities of information coordinator: -Training of personnel and other end users in the use of online systems -Integration and accessibility of electronic information sources (networking) -Support of hardware and software
Give a (really) short definition of an information scientist: A professional member of an information service
Give another short definition of an information scientist "An information scientist is anyone handling information on behalf of another and will have sufficient knowledge to evaluate much of the information passed to the clients"
Give 11 functions of an information scientist -Identification of information needs -Retrieval -Evaluation -Analysis -Synthesis -Packaging -Repackaging of information products -Dissemination -Design and provision of info services -Training of users -Research
Created by: TooMuchMadz