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CTS 130 EM06

Excel Module 6

A worksheet ____ is a collection of two or more selected worksheets. group
Like cell ____, a worksheet group can contain adjacent or nonadjacent sheets. ranges
To select adjacent worksheets, you use the ____ key. shift
To select nonadjacent worksheets, you use the ____ key. ctral
Rather than retyping the same formulas across a series of worksheets, you can enter them all at once by creating a worksheet ____. group
If you cannot see the sheet tab of a worksheet you want to include in a group, use the sheet ____ controls to display it. navigation
The ____ caption indicates a worksheet group. [Group]
To ungroup worksheets, you can click a sheet ____ of a sheet not in the group. tab
When a worksheet group is selected, the ____ includes text to indicate this. title
The active worksheet in a group is indicated by ____ text. bold
To remove a worksheet group, you can right-click the sheet tab of a sheet in the group and then click ____ on the shortcut menu. ungroup
To move a worksheet or worksheet group to another location in the same workbook, select the worksheets and then drag and drop them by the selected sheet ____. tabs
When you reference a cell or range in a different worksheet, the ____ separates the sheet reference from the cell reference. !
When you reference cells and ranges in other worksheets, if the worksheet name contains spaces, you must enclose the sheet name in ____. single (‘ ‘) quotation marks
The general format of a 3-D cell reference is ____. WorksheetRange!CellRange
The worksheet range ____ references the worksheets, "Sheet1," "Sheet2," "Sheet3," and "Sheet4." Sheet1:Sheet4
A(n) ____ cell reference specifies not only the rows and columns of a cell range, but also the names of the worksheets on which the cells appear. 3-D
If a sheet range includes more than one sheet, you specify the first and last sheet in the range separated by a ____. colon
A link is a connection between two ____ allowing information to be transferred from one to the other. files
If you need to use data located in one workbook in the other workbook, you have to create a(n) ____ between the two workbooks. link
The general form of an external reference is ____, where Path is the path of the workbook file on the computer or network, Workbook Name is the filename of the workbook, and Sheet Range and Cell Range are worksheets and cells in the workbook, respectively [WorkbookName]WorksheetName!CellRange
If you want to create a cell reference to the B6 on the Summary Info worksheet of the Sales.xls workbook, you would use the following external reference: ____. '[Sales.xlsx]Summary Info'!B6
The ____ arrangement option layers the open workbooks on the screen. cascade
A formula can include a reference to another workbook (called an ____ reference), which creates a set of linked workbooks. external.
You can create a(n) ____ reference by deleting the $ from the row reference in the cell reference $B$6. mixed
Formulas created using the point-and-click method contain ____ references. absolute
If you receive a destination workbook but the source files are not included, click the ____ Link button in the Edit Links dialog box to replace the external references with the existing values. break
If you trust the provider of source files, you can choose to ____ the content, which allows the external reference formulas to function and updates the links in the destination workbook. enable
When you save a workbook that contains external reference formulas Excel stores the most recent results of those formulas in the ____ file. destination.
As part of the Excel security system that attempts to protect against ____, links to other workbooks are not updated without your permission. malicious software.
When two workbooks are ____, it is important that the data in the destination file accurately reflects the contents of the source file. linked
If the destination file is closed when you make a change in the ____ file, you can choose whether to update the link to display the current values when you open the destination file. source
The ____ dialog box lists all of the links in the current workbook. edit links
If you break a link, to undo the action you’d do ________? Retype the external reference formula
In regard to open workbooks, a workspace saves all of the following EXCEPT ____. the workbooks themselves
In the Edit Links dialog box, the ____ option shows whether Excel successfully accessed the link and updated the values from the source document. status
If Excel successfully accessed the link and updated the values from the source document, the status in the Edit Links dialog box will be ____. ok
To manually update the link and see the new data values, click the Update Values button in the Edit Links dialog box. update values
In the Edit Links dialog box, Type identifies the type of each ____ file. source.
In the Edit Links dialog box, ____ indicates the file to which the link points. source.
Choosing to ____ update values is useful when you want to see the older data values before updating to the new data. manually
The ____ button on the Ribbon is used to create a hyperlink. hyperlink
You can insert a ____ directly in a workbook file hyperlink
____ are usually represented by colored words with underlines or images. hyperlinks
When you click a(n) ____, the computer switches to the file or portion of the file that it references. hyperlink
To delete the hyperlink but keep the text, right-click the hyperlink cell, and then click ____ Hyperlink. remove
The default template has column widths is set to ____ characters. 8.43
The default template has ____ worksheets inserted in the workbook. three
The default template contains the default formatting you start out with in every new workbook, including ____ 11-point font. calibri
Each time you start Excel, a blank ____ workbook opens. Book 1
A ____ is a blank workbook that you can open with the text, formats, and formulas already built into it. template.
When you start Excel and use the blank workbook that displays, you are actually using a workbook based on a template known as the ___ template. default
The ____ template in Excel creates an online time card to track employees’ work hours. timesheet
The default template contains the default formatting you start out with in every new workbook, including the ____ number format. calibri
The default template places the formula results aligned to the ____ of a cell. right-side
To create a template, you simply save an Excel workbook in template format using the ____ dialog command. save as
All template files have a(n) ____ extension. .xltx
To delete the data values, you can click the Clear button in the Editing group on the ____ tab, and then click Clear Contents. none
Office Web Apps are a part of Windows ____, which is a collection of services and Web applications that you can use to be more productive. live
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