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Unit #9

Texas, James Polk & Start of Manifest Destiny

Who is the Manifest Destiny president? James Polk
Define Manifest Destiny: White Americans' belief that God told them to move west
What state was its own country BEFORE becoming a state? Texas
What is the capital of Texas? Austin
Where is the Alamo located? San Antonio
What Texas city is named after the first President of Texas? Houston
What Texas city is located on the Gulf of Mexico? Houston
What two Texas cities share an airport? Dallas/Fort Worth
What river is the present day border with Mexico? Rio Grande
What river did the Mexicans want to be the border between Mexico and The United States? The Nueces River
What is another name for a "Spanish Mission?" A church
What kind of building is the Alamo? A church
Who won the Battle of the Alamo? The Mexicans
Who was the President of Mexico? Santa Anna
What is the famous cry made by the Texans After losing the Battle at the Alamo? REMEMBER THE ALAMO!!!!
How much money did the Americans pay for the Gadsden Purchase? $10 million
How much money did the Americans pay for the Mexican Cession? $15 million
Why did the Americans want to buy what is called the "Gadsden Purchase?" in order to build a Southern Transcontinental Railroad
What two states make up the Gadsden Purchase? New Mexico & Arizona
What did many people believe was the reason for the Mexican-American War? To expand slavery
How much land did America get from Mexico during the Mexican-American War? 2/3 or 500,000 square miles
Name two defenders at the Alamo: Jim Bowie & Davy Crockett
What did Jim Bowie invent? A knife
What two rivers would the boundary issue between America and Mexico be fought over? The Nueces and the Rio Grande
Why is San Jacinto important? It is where Santa Anna was captured
Who captured Santa Anna? Sam Houston
What body of water is the city of Houston on? The Gulf of Mexico
What product is Houston most known for? oil
What is the nickname of Texas? Lone Star State
Who did Texas declare its independence from? Mexico
Who did Mexico declare its independence from? Spain
Where does the nickname of Texas come from? The single white star on its flag
What treaty was made in 1819 between the U.S. and Spain? Adams-Onis Treaty
Explain the Adams-Onis Treaty America bought Florida from Spain for $15 million and promised to never, ever touch Texas
Where was a Southern Transcontinental Railroad built? Arizona & New Mexico
Define ANNEXATION: To add onto; addition
How long did it take for The Mexicans to defeat the Texans at the Alamo? 10 days
What was the ratio of Mexicans to Texans at the Alamo? 6000 Mexicans vs. 300 Texans
Who won the Battle of San Jacinto? The Texans
How long was Texas its own country? 9 years
How did Texas become an American state? America annexed it
What was the name of the country of Texas? The Republic of Texas
What was the one Mexican law that most offended the Texans? No slavery!
When Americans moved to Texas who did they bring with them? Their slaves
When the United States tried to buy Texas from Mexico, What treaty were they going against? Adams-Onis Treaty
Who did Santa Anna surrender to? Sam Houston
Who ordered the attack on the Alamo? Santa Anna
About how many people died at the Alamo? 300
Who was America's 11th President? James Polk
What Manifest Destiny President promised to serve only one term? James Polk
Which of James Polk's accomplishments regarding Manifest Destiny are the most important? He settled the Oregon Territory and acquired California
What is the capital of Mexico? Mexico City
What war did James Polk start? Mexican-American War
Who won the Mexican-American War? Americans
What was the Mexican-American War about? A border dispute
How did James Polk start the Mexican-American War? He said that Mexican soldiers fired upon American soldiers across the border
What boundary did Mexico agree to as a result of the Mexican-American War? The Rio Grande
Name the states that Mexico lost as a result of the Mexican-American War: California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming
When did America get the Louisiana Territory? 1803
How did America get the Louisiana Territory? Bought it from France
What do we call the land that America bought in 1853 from Mexico for $10 million? The Gadsden Purchase
From what country did America acquire land in 1848 and how did it acquire this land? Mexico; through war
In what year did Texas become a part of the United States? 1845
How did Texas become a part of the United States? it was annexed
What territory did U.S. acquire in 1819? Florida
What direction is Houston from Dallas? Southeast
What direction is San Antonio from Houston? Southwest
What Texas city is closest to Mexico? San Antonio
By 1830 what was the ratio of Americans to Texans in Mexico More Americans than Mexicans
What people had the most impact on the Texas population in the 1830s? Americans
What treaty ended the Mexican-American War? Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
How did the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo affect Mexico? It made her physically weaker due to loss of land
After the Mexican-American War, what did northern and southern states argue about? Whether to expand slavery west
What can the Gadsden Purchase be called? The final piece of America's Manifest Destiny
What was the beginning of America's Manifest Destiny? The Louisiana Purchase
Why was the Mexican-American War important? America achieved its Manifest Destiny
How many Texan soldiers survived the Alamo? None
Who did America buy Florida from? Spain
Created by: rsweeney