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A natural satellite that orbits a planet- moon
Earth's moon appears to have different shapes called- phases
It takes the moon about _____________days to complete its cycle. 28 days
Another name for moon is - lunar
During what phase of the moon is the right half white? waxing quarter
During what phase of the moon is the right half dark? waning quarter
The whole moon is dark during the _________phase. new moon
The whole moon is lit up during the _________phase. full moon
What is not present on the moon? air
What causes the moon to appear bright in the sky? It reflects light from the sun
What force keeps the moon in orbit around the earth? And the planets in orbit around the sun? gravity
Something that occurs over and over like the following :lunar phases and tides and seasons are called - cycles
About how long is the lunar cycle? 28 days
If an astronaut weighs 20 pounds on the moon, how much would he weigh on earth? 120 lbs
What is the curved path of a planet around the sun? orbit
Why can't we see a new moon? Because the side facing earth is not reflecting sunlight.
What is the fourth planet from the sun? mars
Around which objects do the planets orbit sun
What waste product do plants give off? oxygen
What waste product do animals and humans breathe out? carbon dioxide
If you were in a spacesuit on the moon you could not build a campfire because there is no air
The orbit of the moon causes these 2 things on earth - tides and phases
What is the name of the large landmasses on earth? continents
How many continents are there on earth? 7
What type of rocks come from a volcano? igneous
When other rocks are exposed to extreme heat and pressure you get this type of rock- metamorphic
Which landform is a flat low lying area? plain
What kind air forms over the Gulf of Mexico? warm and wet
Anything that falls from the sky is called - precipitation
The clouds in earth's atmosphere are made mostly of = water
Plants need sunlight for - photosynthesis
Plants must undergo photosynthesis to make their= food
Plants store their food in - seeds, fruit, roots, stems, leaves
Of the following 3 planets, which has the longest year? mercury, saturn, mars saturn
Of the following 3 planets, which is the hottest? jupiter, venus, neptune venus
Of the planets we know which is the largest? jupiter
Temperature, wind speed, precipitation are all associated with - weather
Hurricanes form over - warm ocean water
Things made by nature that people need and use- resources
Resources that cannot be used up completely- inexhaustible
Resources that can be used up, and gone for good- nonrenewable
Resources that can be replaced - renewable
These are nonrenewable - fossil fuels
all of these are inexhaustible except one: sunlight, wind, ocean waves, oil oil
This part of soil is made of decaying organic matter- humus
What kind of soil will water move through the most quickly? sand
What kind of soil will hold the most water, and not drain? clay
Humus is which layer of soil? top layer
Bedrock is which layer of soil? bottom layer
What is the best way to decide if an investigation question is a good one? Could we perform the experiment in class?
If a scientist wants exact information he must - make measurements
To find out how old a tree is count the rings
Having pierces ears or immunity to disease is this kind of trait- acquired
A dog fetching his bowl is this kind of trait- learned
A bear hibernating is this kind of trait- inherited
What does a tree (Or any plant) produce first? leaves
What is the function of a seed coat? keeps the seed from drying out
Acorn, seedling, sapling, tree are the stages in the life cycle of - an oak tree
When an animal changes its body form this is metamorphosis
Created by: kemberlian