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INL 133 Part Two B

Information Science

According to Debons(1998:2-3) give six contexts in which information is applied 1.Information as COMMODITY 2.Information as ENERGY 3.Information as COMMUNICATIONS 4.Information as FACTS 5.Information as DATA 6.Information as KNOWLEDGE (RHYME: Can Every Can Fit Down Knowledge)
Information as COMMODITY Information in books,head or files. Control over people (Coke secret)
Information as ENERGY Hearing through sound waves
Information as COMMUNICATIONS You have to be told to understand. Being informed is a result of the communication process
Information as FACTS Facts need to be placed in context. Facts like today's date Facts makes you wonder
Information as DATA Data is meaningless
Information as KNOWLEDGE Knowledge is something you all ready have and add on to the information. You apply knowledge to do a task.
What is information production When you have a problem and you solve it and turn it into a product
Name the 6 scientific perspectives of information. 1.The ANTI-DEFINITION approach 2.The IDEOLOGICAL approach 3.The USER approach 4.The PROCESS approach 5.The CONTENT approach 6.The KNOWLEDGE approach
The ANTI-DEFINITION approach There is no definition
The IDEOLOGICAL approach Each have their own way of explaining information , Is it materialistic or not
The USER approach We all are users. Information grows. Depends on how you interpreted information. It reduces uncertainty.
The PROCESS approach The information life-cycle: generated(task) -> gathered(get info) -> organize(sort) ->stored(filling) -> retrieved(get out) -> distribution(give) -> Uses(see how the user want to use the info)
The CONTENT approach Content is communicated
The KNOWLEDGE approach Knowledge is not the receiver but the creator. Information cant exist without knowledge
What does surrogate mean Substitute
What does serendipity mean Browsing and finding information by accident
Created by: TooMuchMadz