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INL 133 Part Two A

Information Science

What does information is indefinable mean? Different authors with different definitions
According to Machlup(1983)give six meanings of information 1.Research 2.Decision making 3.Affects something you all ready knew 4.Research a word you did not understand 5.Change believes and respects 6.Useful to the person receiving it
What does information serve as? Information serves to give form or to place the recipient in a new state
Name four concepts of clarification 1.Data 2.Information 3.knowledge 4.Wisdom
Explain data Carries no meaning and stands loose from man itself
Explain information Data processed to create meaning Information exist in the eye of the beholder
Explain knowledge Raw material applied to get information
Explain Wisdom Knowing how to look for something. Learnt from experience.
Define the concept data information and knowledge and give the relationship between them according to Spiegler(2003:534) Data-Items(unprocessed->processed into information) Information-content(apply to knowledge) Knowledge(Do with it) Wisdom(Always had. Difference between right and wrong)
Explain Reality Real time
Explain Time The timeline. Something gets stored for a long time.
Explain volume Irrelevant/Relevant you have to go through
Explain Storage How you store something and how you use it.
Explain Use When to use it
Explain the second diagram briefly Taking data and store it as information knowing that it depends on the individual. Information is then applied to create knowledge. After that it turns into wisdom(Do's and Don't's)
Created by: TooMuchMadz