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6th grade-genetic

Study guide-heredity, genetics, & reproduction

What term describes a section of DNA that controls specific cell activities and characteristics of every organism Genes
What term describes the passing of traits from parents to their offsprings? Heredity
What term describes a behavior that an organism is born with and does not have to learn? Traits
What term describes a type of reproduction in which a new organism is produced from one parent? asexual reproduction
What term describes the joining of a male sperm cell and a female egg cell? sexual reproduction
What term describes a physical characteristic resulting when no dominant gene is present? recessive gene
What term describes a tool that can show how genes combine? punnett square
What term describes a female sex cell? egg
What term describes the male sex cell sperm
What term describes the process of cell division by which sex cells are formed? meiosis
What term describes the joining of male and female cells in sexual reproduction? fertilization
Name one way an organism reproduces asexually? fission
Name a second way an organism reproduces asexually? forming spores
Name a third way an organism reproduces asexually? forming new parts
How many chromosomes do most human cells have? 64
How many chromosomes are in most human sex cells? 32
A dog has 78 chromosomes in each cell. How many chromosomes would you expect to find in a dog's sex cell? 39
Name the scientist who created the Punnett Square? Gregor Mendel
All living things share the same ___________. DNA
A dog may inherit the potential to grow 22 kg buy may not reach that weight because of its __________. Environment
No matter what, _________. No excuses.
What term describes behavior that an organism is not born with and must acquire?
What term describes the process of selecting a few organisms with desired traits to serve as parents of the next generation?
Name the fourth way an organism can reproduce asexually?
What term describes a form of a trait that masks another form of the same trait?
Created by: nemery12