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Environmental Unit

Omvig-Gen Science- Environmental Issues Unit

Be able to use the formula for finding POTENTIAL ENERGY: PE = mgh (m=mass in kg, g=gravitational acceleration as 9.8 m/s, h=height in meters)
What is the rate of gravitational acceleration? 9.8 m/s
Be able to use the formula for finding KINETIC ENERGY: 1/2mv (m=mass in kg, v=velocity in m/s)
Know the relationship between ALIEN SPECIES and NATIVE SPECIES: Be able to explain effects that alien species have on native species and habitat.
Potential energy is... stored energy. Chemical energy can be a form of potential energy, stored until used or reaction occurs.
The energy of motion is known as... kinetic energy.
Sun radiation is this type of energy: solar energy.
The earth's inner heat is called: geothermal energy
Fission and Fusion reactions create this type of energy: nuclear energy
Define fusion: when 2 or more nuclei join to form a larger nucleus
Describe wind energy:
Define fission: splitting of radioactive atom nuclei ("fission is division")
Energy that's released when chemical compounds react to form new compounds chemical energy
Know the causes and effects of: air pollution, water pollution, and overpopulation
Acid rain caused by: smoke from factories that release SULFUR OXIDE.
Air pollution causes: emphysema, bronchitis, asthma, and atherosclerosis (plaque in arteries that restricts blood flow)
Hydrocarbons have this effect on humans: cancer
Overpopulation has led to: development of medicines and agricultural practices, and increase in deforestation.
More deforestation = More carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
Would China's "one child per family" law work here in the US to control overpopulation? Why, why not? We are a democratic society.
Define Non-point pollution: Pollution that results from many sources
Natural material used by humans: natural resources, includes energy resources and other types.
In what physical forms do fossil fuels exist? solid, liquid, and gas
How dow petroleum and natural gas form? decayed water, sea, ocean organisms
A disadvantage to using alternative fuel sources: Implementation is expensive. Ex. solar energy is hard to use because equipment costs too high.
Know this chain of events: plant absorbs sunlight. Dinosaur eats plant. Dinosaur dies. Dinosaur decomposes within the earth. Decomposed body over millions years becomes petroleum. Where did the energy contained in the fossil fuel originally come from?
Define biomass: organic material used as an energy source
Define geysers: natural vents in the earth from which steam/water escape
Plastics end-up here for many, many years: oceans
Created by: maplelakesped