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Unit #7

Andrew Jackson

Put the first seven presidents in order: Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe,Quincy Adams, Jackson
Define VETO: To say no to a law
Define NULLIFICATION: To cancel
Give an example of an act of "nullification" when a state decides to seperate itself from the union of states and create its own seperate country
What state attempted to "nullify" their relationship with the United States? South Carolina
Define P.O.W. Prisoner of War
Name a president from the first seven who was a P.O.W: Andrew Jackson
What was Andrew Jackson's nickname? Old Hickory
Where did Andrew Jackson get his nickname? At the Battle of New Orleans
Who became president in the election of 1824? John Quincy Adams
How did John Quincy Adams become our president? He received Henry Clay's electoral votes
What did Andrew Jackson call the election of 1824? A corrupt Bargain
What 2 men are the ONLY sons to follow their fathers to the presidency? John Quincy Adams & George Bush
How many TERMS did John Quincy Adams serve? one
Define illiterate: Can not read or write
What was the FIRST war that Andrew Jackson fought in? The American Revolution
Where did Jackson become famous? At the Battle of New Orleans
What STATE was Jackson from? Tennesse
What AREA of the country was Jackson from? The west
What kind of people elected Andrew Jackson? poor, white, landless men
What did Jackson's Presidency PROVE? Anyone could be president
Where was the election of 1824 decided? The House of Representatives
Who won the election of 1828? Andrew Jackson
What AREA of the country DID NOT vote for Jackson? New England
What are the four issues of Jackson's Presidency? The Bank, Nullification, Indian Removal, Spoils System
What did Jackson want to do to the bank? He wanted to kill it
What did Jackson believe about the bank? It was a tool of the wealthy used to keep the poor people down.
To give good jobs to your friends and family is also called: The Spoils System
What Native American group was made to move away from the East Coast? Cherokees
Where did Native Americans move FROM and go TO? FROM Georgia and TO Oklahoma
What is the name of the road that Natives trailed on when they were moved to the west? The Trail of Tears
Why did the Battle of New Orleans happen after the Treaty of Ghent was signed? Because there was no communication
How did Jackson show he was a strong leader? He vetoed more laws than all other presidents before him
List three types of people who would have voted for Jackson: Farmers, working people, & westerners
What type of people hated Jackson? The rich and educated
In what area of the country did the people who hated Jackson live? In New England
What state is called the BIG EASY? Louisiana
What famous port is located in Louisiana? New Orleans
Why should the Battle of New Orleans never had happened? There was no communication
Define SECEDE: For a state to leave the United States and start its own country seperate from the USA
What issue caused the nullification crisis? High tariffs
How many TERMS did Jackson serve? 2 terms
How many TERMS did John Quincy Adams serve? 1 term
What Indian Nation is called the "most civilized tribe?" The Cherokees
Define Tariff: A tax on goods brought into one country from another country
How did Jackson end the nullification crisis? He sent in the army and forced South Carolina to obey
How did American soldiers easily and effectively kill Cherokee Indians on the Trail of Tears? Gave them blankets with small pox and poisoned food
How many Cherokees died on the Trail of Tears? 4,000
Jackson's election in 1828 depended on support from what group? common people
Jackson's practice of rewarding political supporters with government jobs became known as: The Spoils System
Who was most upset by Jackson's crusade to destroy the bank of the United States? Rich people
Name the three great African American revolts in America: Turner, Prosser and Vesey
What was the outcome of the three great African American Rebellions in America? They all failed
Why are the three great African American rebellions important to enslaved people? It gave them hope
What incident led to African Americans revolting? The Haitain overthrown of Napolean
What Haitian leader defeated Napolean? Toussaint L'Ouverture
What book did Afican Americans read in order to find hope? The Bible
Who wrote "Hope is the thing with feathers?" Emily Dickinson
What did white people do in order to once and for all stop African Americans from rebelling? They forbid enslaved people from learning how to read
Who is Joseph Cinque? The leader of the Amistad slaves
What was the Amistad? A slave ship
Who defended the Amistad Slaves? John Quincy Adams
What was the Supreme Court decision in the Amistad case? They could return back to Africa
What made Andrew Jackson a "common man's" President? He was poor and illiterate
What 2 men made a corrupt bargain? Henry Clay and John Quincy Adams
What American money is Jackson on? The twenty dollar bill
Define SAVAGE: A person who is uncivilized, like an animal
Define SUFFRAGE: The right to vote
When Jackson became President, how many banks controlled the money in America? one
What was strange about Jackson's inauguration? it was attended by common people who destroyed the White House
What did enslaved people mostly relate to in the book of Exodus in the Bible? Moses bringing the Jews out of Eygpt
What is an example of a "quiet" way for enslaved people to rebel? they broke tools
Created by: rsweeney