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US Foreign Policy


Commander in Chief President of the United States. Leader of all US Armed Forces
covert activities secret activities
foreign aid funds given to other countries which may include economical and military aid
Executive agreements international accords that do not require Senate approval
media TV, radio, newspapers, news magazines, Internet
lobbying groups groups who try to persuade government officials to support a particular point of view
John Kerry Secretary of State. US top diplomat. Conducts relations with other countries.
Joe Biden Vice President of the US
Chuck Hagel Secretary of Defense. Maintains the nation's armed forces.
Susan Rice National Security Advisor. Coordinates policymaking & implementation. Conducts major policy studies.
Samantha Power American Foreign Policy Advisor and US Ambassador to the United Nations
War Powers Act 1973. Established limits on presidential use of armed forces. The President can commit US troops for only 60 days then needs congressional resolution.
Senate Foreign Relations Committee has formal authority over foreign policy issues
Intelligence important and often secret information
Barack Obama President of the United States. Commander in Chief.
National Security Council the principal forum used by the President when considering matters of foreign policy and national security.
United Nations international organization whose aim is to facilitate cooperation in international law and security,economic development, human rights, world peace
advise and consent term for Constitutional authority of the Senate to ratify treaties & confirm presidential cabinet, ambassadorial, and judicial appointments
House Foreign Affairs Committee US House of Representatives committee has jurisdiction over bills and investigations related to foreign affairs
UN Security Council part of the United Nations dealing with maintenance of international peace & security
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