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IC3 Unit 1 Part 2

Set of rules used to write software code. Algorithms
A drop in voltage in the electrical wiring Brownouts
Errors in computer software Bugs
Keep these clear of walkways. Cables
Programs used by architects and engineers to create plans/drafts Computer Aided Design (CAD)
Educational programs offered through a vendor’s Web site. Computer Based Training (CBT)
These are generated when you install a program, use attachments in emails, visit web sites, or register/subscribe to information from a web site Cookies
Program that organizes, stores, tracks, and retries the information in a database Database Management Software (DBMS)
A feature that instructs your computer to reorganize files so that each one is stored in one place in its entirety Defragmentation
Gets rid of unnecessary files Disk cleanup
Frees up space to store more files on your hard drive, puts less-used files in a less accessible spot. Disk compression
How you prevent errors you just fixed from occurring again. Documenting
Software available at no cost Freeware
If you can’t open any one of your files, the problem is likely your ____. Hard Drive
What should you collect at the first sign of computer error. Information
A very popular way to communicate quickly with someone else. Instant Messaging
Program meant to enable you to extend the capabilities of graphic design by adding elements such as video, music, or animation Multimedia
Schools and companies purchase this so they can add a program to multiple computers. Network License
Where the programming code for software is available to anyone who wants to use it. Open Source
If you are unable to log into a network, make sure you are typing the right ___. Password
Updates that fix computer software Patches
Program used to create slides or hangouts for speaker delivered or self-running presentations Presentation
License number provided with new software Product Code
Software applications are created using these Programming Languages
How you should dispose of your old computers. Recycle
If you aren’t able to read a CD or DVD, this is probably the cause. Scratch
Everything that makes a computer run, including operating systems, programming software, and application programs. Software
Programs that perform mathematical calculations, produce “what-if” analyses, and display graphs, charts, and diagrams Spreadsheets
An occurrence when you should always turn off your computer. Storm
Used to protect your computer from power surges and brownouts. Surge suppressor
Computer should always be stored in a room with a controlled ___. Temperature
These do not cover accidents like dropping your computer or spilling something on it. Warranty
Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome Web Browsers
Mini-programs that display on your desktop and provide quick access to information, services and tools from the internet. Widgets/Gadgets
Programs that allow you to create, edit, and save documents. Word Processing
Sudden increases in voltage coming through the electrical wiring in your home or office Power surges
Enables you to access and use a software program from your system via a network, the organization intranet, or the Internet. Software as a Service (SaaS)
Software that is available for a short trial period before the user is asked to pay for it. Shareware
When software comes together with a computer purchase. Bundling
Programs that include a basic set of tools for drawing shapes or text, and painting fill colors or patterns, changing lines styles, width and color, or filling in arrow head styles. Graphics
Software meant to find and block unwanted items from the Internet such as spam (unwanted messages), spyware (gather info about you), and adware (pop-up advertisements) Adware/spyware protection
Scheduled to make backups (copies) of specific data to have on hand should the computer fail. Backup protection
Reduces the size of a file or several files, usually for storage purposes, or to transfer a file from one location to another File Compression
Icons used to express the emotion of text in a typed conversation. Emoticons
Enables you to create and design pages for your web site with a focus on the options that are important to consider on the web. Web Page Authoring
Software that allows people in different locations to communicate Web Conferencing
Software that enables you to plan and track tasks for small and large projects that will use many people or resources. Project management
Enables you to share information or coordinate activities, usually within an organization although it can also include external people. Group Collaboration
A group of programs packaged together for purchase Integrated Suites
Any program that targets a specific market by performing tasks such as managing contacts, generating reports, or filing income taxes Specialized or Custom programs