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Cheney Fun


Whose name reminds Mrs. C of a movie star's name? Angelina
Who is the only person allowed to call Ashley chatterbox? Mrs. Cheney
Who are the twins? Moffetts
Who has the same name as a football player? Rebecca
Whose first name and last name start with the same letter? not keath not Mckayla Darrin
This student has the same name as Coach Grissom's son. Edwards
Who talks faster than a road runner? Dobbins
His initials are angry. Mitch
Who has a German Sheppard named Lady? Zane
Who has a sister named Mary? Lenny
This kid plays three different sports. Kameron
Who has a Yorkie? Bethany
She is extremely artistic. Rylee
Her name is from Mother Earth. Nature
Middle name is Douglas. Joey
Joey's mom. Susan
His name is a clothing store. Dillard
Rhymes with case. Grace
He is a pal. Buddy
Used to live in Washington. Gunner
Peanut parachuter Lakota
To find his name go down the road. Keath
Jo Jo's master Tim
She is a diva. McKayla
Belongs to Tido Ethan
Has the most names. Jackie
She both talks a lot but is quiet Gabby
Meow Kat
Speaks two languages Erika
Carver Whittle
Always last Lindy
Medical personel Marshall
Next door moms Lindsey Davis
Her first name is his last name. Lindsey
has a Racecar dog Hassell
Mitch thinks he is a comedian
Take him to hunt Gunner
She is known for her lovely hair Eddins
She reminds you of this christmas character Cindy Lu Hoo
Joey secretly likes the Baltimore Ravens
Nature's favorite sport is basketball
Her black lab is Angus Ammo Reynolds
Keath went to school in Diboll
She can bug her eyes Alyssa
Created by: kemberlian