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C1 Crude Oil

Crude oil - Edexcel C1 Topic 5 part 1

what is a HydroCarbon? A COMPOUND of Hydrogen and Carbon ONLY, JOINED TOGETHER
What is the formula for Methane? CH4
Which Hydrocarbons are the most flammable? The ones with short chains of Carbon
What is Kerosene used for? Fuel for airplanes
How do we separate the different fractions of crude oil? Fractional Distillation
What is bitumen used for? To put on roads
Which fraction is the most viscous? Fuel Oil
The gases fraction contains chains of carbons. How long are the chains? 1 to 4 Carbon atoms
Ch4 is the formula for a member of which family? Alkane
C2H4 is the name of which compound? Ethane
What is the formula for Propane? C3H8
What is the formula for Propene? C3H6
Which type of Hydrocarbons will make Bromine Water change colour? Alkenes
What is the reaction where a long chain alkane breaks down into a shorter chain alkane and an Alkene? Cracking
What is a polymer? A long long long HydroCarbon chain made from many monomers stuck together
What is a monomer? A single unit that contains a double bond
What happens during polymerisation? The double bond open up and joins another monomer
What is the monomer that will make Poly(Propene)? Propene
What is the polymer made from ChloroEthene? PVC! Another name for ChloroEthene is Vinyl Chloride
What is the monomer that will make PolyTetraFluoroEthene? TetraFluoroEthene
What is Poly(Ethene) used for? As cling film
What is PVC used for? For window frames
What is PTFE used for? For non-stick saucepans
What does biodegradable mean? Can rot
Why should we recycle? To save natural resources, so that we can use crude oil for other purposes; burning produces toxic gases; there is less and less landfill sites; saves energy
Why are plastics not recycled more? Some plastics are mixtures of plastics and they are difficult to separate; People may not see the point of recyling, they may not understand that resources are running out
Which compounds are saturated? Alkanes
Which compounds are unsaturated? Alkenes
How do you draw an AlkAne? Draw the correct number of carbons in a chain; join them with single links; draw links so that each Carbon has FOUR links (no more, no less)
How do you draw an AlkEne? Draw the correct number of carbons in a chain; join TWO carbons with a DOUBLE link; join the other carbons with single links; draw links so that each Carbon has FOUR links (no more, no less)
What is the mnemotechnic to remember that AlkEnes are Unsaturated? DEUX: Double Ene Unsaturated X (no more colour)
What is the chemical test to distinguish between AlkAne and AlkEne? Bromine water stays ORANGE with an alkane; but goes from Orange to COLOURLESS with an AlkEne
Explain how fractional distillation works crude oil is heated to 350°C; crude oil boil;the VAPOURS cool as it rises up the tower; VAPOURS condense at different levels according to the size of the molecules: the smaller molecules have LOWER boiling point and condense at TOP of tower
Describe the cracking experiment VAPOURS of an AlkAne are passed over a HOT CATALYST
Write the equation for Decane (C10H22) being cracked into Ethene (C2H4) and a smaller Alkane C10H22 --> C2H4 + C8H18; the number of carbon must be the same on both sides of the arrow
Decane (C10H22) can be cracked into 2 EthEne molecules and an AlkAne. What is the formula of the AlkAne? Write the equation C10H22 --> C2H4 + C2H4 + C6H14; the number of carbon must be the same on both sides of the arrow; The alkane is C6H14
Explain why we need to crack long chain alkAnes To get smaller molecules that are more USEFUL (more flammable) and more in DEMAND
Created by: UrsulineChem