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Earth's rocky surface is called lithosphere
The air surrounding earth atmosphere
Earth's water hydrosphere
Earth is shaped like a sphere
earth buldges a little bit at the equator
earth's thinnest layer crust
earth's thickest layer mantle
The only liquid layer. Made of liquid iron and nickel outer core
Earth's hottest layer inner core
A rock is made from a mixture of minerals
A mineral is not made by man
This property of minerals means how well it reflects light luster
This is the hardest mineral diamond
This is the softest mineral talc
This is the the color of the mark a mineral leaves when it is scraped on a white tile streak
He invented Mohs Hardness Scale Fredrick Mohs
These rocks are made from cooled magma igneous
These rocks are bits of rock, shell, and the remains of plants and animals sedimentary
These rocks are made from intense heat and pressure metamorphic
Earth's crust is broken into sections called plates
When plates crunch into each other these may form mountains
When plate move away from each other these may occur earthquakes
The areas around the Pacific Ocean where most volcanoes happen is known as The Ring Of Fire
Created by: kemberlian