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South America

Capital of Uruguay: Montevideo
Capital of Chile: Santiago
Capitals of Bolivia: La Paz and Sucre
Capital of Venezuela: Caracas
Capital of Peru: Lima
Capital of Colombia: Bogota
Capital of Brazil: Brazilia
Capital of Argentina: Buenos Aires
Capital of Paraguay: Asuncion
Capital of Ecuador: Quito
Brazil's culture is mainly: Portuguese
Patagonia is in: Argentina
Gran Chaco: largest forest area in western Paraguay
Caudillos ruled: Venezuela during most of 1800's and 1900's
Country with largest population (176.5 million) in South America is: Brazil
The llanos are found in: Venezuela
Guyana's population today is mostly made up of people from: India
Amazon Basin is located in: northern region of Brazil
Venezuela's government owns: oil industry
Suriname won its independence from: the Dutch
In 1960 Brazil moved its capital from Rio de Janeiro to: Brasilia
Ecuador owns: the Galapagos Islands
Many Brazilian cities are surrounded by: favelas
A famous Carnival is held each year in: Rio de Janeiro
Brazil's Great Escarpment drops into the: Atlantic Ocean
National dance of Argentina: tango
Coffee is Columbia's most important: cash crop
Country that borders both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean: Colombia
South American country that has largest Native American population (they also are the first ones to grow potatoes): Peru
Chile is the world's largest producer of: copper
National symbol of Argentina: gaucho
Most of Colombia's cities are in the valleys and highland plateaus of the: Andes
Large estancias that are found in grassy plains of Colombia are called: llano
Temperatures in the coastal areas of Ecuador and Peru are kept mild by the: Current
Farmers in Colombia earn more money by growing: coca
Region of Bolivia that has been farmed for cinturies but has cold, thin air is: Altiplano
European country that founded and set up colonies in Brazil: Portuguese
River that runs through South America: Amazon
Country in South America that has vast treeless plains: Argentina
South American country with more European influence than Latin: Argentina
South American city with statue "Christ the Redeemer": Rio de Janeiro
More common language spoken in Paraguay: Guarani
Uruguay is: "buffer zone" between Argentina and Brazil
80% of this country is mountainous: Chile
Mountain range that runs through many of countries of South America: Andes
Population of this country hurt by wars with Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay: Paraguay
South American country with problem with drug dealers: Colombia
Smallest country in South America named after the equater: Ecuador
South America's 2nd largest country: Argentina
Named by the spanish; reminded them of a city in Europe: Venezuela
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