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Civil War Quiz Bau 7

Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin, a novel
William H. Seward said that the slave sates presented a challange that he accepted
John Brown Led a raid on Harpers Ferry
Stephen Douglas won Illinois Senate election, lost presidential election of 1860
Charles Sumner beaten by someone with a cane
Andrew P. Butler was yelled at, and newphew beat someone witha cane
Preston Brooks Beat another senator with a cane
Dred Scott Slave who tried suing for his freedom
Abraham Lincoln became President in 1860
John Breckinridge carried every lower state in south, in presidential election of 1860
John Bell had 39 electoral votes, carried upper south states in election of 1860
Jefferson Davis president of Confederacy
Missori Compromise Maine would enter Union as free state, Missouri would enter as slave state & above 36.30 line slavery would be outlawed
Kansas-Nebraska Act repealed Missouri Comprise & allowed new states formed from territories to come into the Union with/without slavery
Most northerners viewed beating in the senate as another ex. of southern brutality
Stephen Douglas small in stature, was powerful public speaker & became known as Little Giant
Brown hoped runaway slaves & free African Americans would join him in his attempts to liberate slaves from their owners
The nation was deeply divided when it approached the presidential election of 1860
Comprise of 1850 toughed Fugitive Slave Laws
How did Popular Sovereighty affect slavery? states/territories would decide to permit slavery
Pottawatomie Massacre 5 pro-slavery men were killed in Kansas
Harriet Beecher Stowe showed harsh lives of slavery
Dred Scott v Sandford Missouri Compromise's restirctions on slavery are unconstitutional
Lincoln-Douglas debates announce their candidacies for Senator of Illinois & gain suport of voters
raid on Harpers Valley failed, because John Brown's supporters didn't follow his plan
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