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caribbean and central america

Very Americanized country due to location: Bahamas
First nation in the history of the world to be founded by formerly enslaved people: Haiti
Commonwealth of the U.S. Puerto Rico
Only communist country in the west: Cuba--capital is Havana
Major producer of Aluminum: Jamaica
2nd largest country in the Anilles after Cuba: Dominican Republic
Country in Central America with English as the language: Belize
This country along with Nicaragua and Guatemala has had civil wars as recently as the 1980's and 1990's: El Salvador
Caribbean country with lowest GDP: Haiti
Central American country with no military, only police to enforce laws: Costa Rica
Bahama's has lower population than: Cuba, Haiti, and Dominican Republic
Official language of Haiti: French
Country with very good success in track and field in summer Olympics: Jamaica
First permanent European settlement in this country: Dominican Republic
County that has been accused of many human rights violation and many continue today: Cuba
Puerto Rico was originally called: San Juan which was named in honor of John the Baptist; it's major rain forest is called the El Yunque rain forest; was discovered by Christopher Columbus
San Juan was chosen as the capital of Puerto Rico because: it was perfect for defending
Puerto Rico has representation in: the US congress;they use both their own constitution as well as the United States
Capital of Costa Rica: San Jose
Capital of Bahamas: Nassau
Capital of Haiti: Port au Prince
Highest standard of living in Central America: Costa Rica
Here the Mayan created impressive temples and sculptures in Copan: Honduras
Capital of Dominican Republic: Santo Domingo
Capital of Nicaragua: Managua
Guatemala: has the largest population in Central America and it's capital is Guatemala City
Capital of Honduras: Tegucigalpa
Capital of Jamaica: Kingston
Belize: Has smallest population in Central America; Belize City is the capital
Capital of El Salvador: San Salvador
Created by: maplelakesped