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cef- or ceph- at the beginning of a name - cephalosporin, antibiotic eg. cefadroxil, cephmanadole cross sensitivity with penicillin allergy, GI problems; complete the full course
- cillin indicates a penicillin antibiotic ampicillin, amoxicillin. most common s/e? GI problems, sensitivity
- mycin indicates an aminoglycoside or macrolide antibiotic, gentamycin, erythromycin toxic to what organ? renal/kidney toxic, exception – amikacin
- cycline indicates a tetracycline oxytetracycline don't take during preg. or early childhood. can cause discoloration of ____. tell women to use what? teeth, interferes with oral , contraceptives need to use barrier contraceptives
-gliptin indicates a DDP-4 inhibitor for treating a) hyperthyroidism b) hypothyroidism c) cancer d) diabetes. watch for what s/e?? diabetes, watch for hypoglycemia
- oxacin indicates a fluoroquinolone antibiotic, norfloxacin, ciprofloxacin what type of sensitivity? photo sensitivity reactions
- azoles indicates an antifungal itraconazole. very toxic to what organ? very liver toxic, many drug-drug interactions
- vir indicates an antiviral retinovir. watch for what-like symptoms? flu-like symptoms, bone marrow effects
- mab indicates a monoclonal antibody daclizumab. used to tx? what for what-like symtpoms? cancer, flu-like symptoms
-pine, -dipine indicates a calcium channel blocker amlodipine. used for? DO NOT EAT _______. monitor what vital sign? Angina, NO GRAPEFRUIT, monitor BP, exception – verapamil
-pril indicates an ACE inhibitor captopril. used for what? monitor for these s/e 1st dose effect, _____ and what electrolyte imbalance? monitor cough, ↑ K+
_ sartan (sister) indicates an angiotensin receptor blocker (ARB) valsartan used for what? s/e include? HTN, HF, HA, upper resp infection. preg x
_ olol indicates a beta blocker propranolol, acebutolol used for what? hold if pulse less than ___. use w/ caution w/ patients with this disease ______. HTN, HF, angina, >60, caution with diabetics
_ol indicates a beta agonist albuterol (upper rt corner on chart) what s/e? rapid heart rate, sympathetic reaction
_ osin indicates an alpha antagonist, doxazosin, prazosin used for ___ and BPH. watch for what s/e? monitor what vitals? reflex tachycardia, 1st dose effect, monitor bp, pulse
_ parin indicates an anticlotting agent heparin, dalteparin. used for? DVT, PE prevention, bleeding, HIT (heparin induced thrombocytopenia)
_thiazide indicates a diuretic polythiazide, hydrochlorothiazide used for what? monitor what? HTN, HF, weight loss, fluid & electrolyte balance
_ase indicates an enzyme, usually used with thrombolytics urokinase, streptokinase bleeding
_ statin indicates an HMG CoA inhibitor lovastatin, pravastatin star drug for lowering what? can also be used prophylactically. toxic to what organ? another serious side effect is ______ lower LDL, liver-heptotoxicity, rhabdomyolysis
_ triptan indicates and antimigraine drug, zolmitriptan monitor BP, cardiac effects
_ enafil indicates an impotence drug sildenafil. Do not take w/ what 2 drugs? not with nitrates or alpha blockers, must be used with sexual stimulation
_ barbital indicates a barbiturate phenobarbital CNS depressant, stimulates liver enzymes to metabolize drugs
_ pam/lam indicates a benzodiazepine diazepam. toxic to what 2 organs? antidote? what for what s/e? liver and renal toxic, exception: chlordiazepoxide antidote-flumazenil. cns depression, resp. depression
- lukast indicates a leukotrience receptor antagonist zafirlukast not for use in acute asthma attack
_ stim indicates a colony stimulating agent filgrastim check bone marrow
_prazole indicates an antisecretory agent omeprazole not for prolong use, exception aripiprazole – an antipsychotic agent
_setron indicates a centrally acting antiemetic ondansetron, granisetron injected, CNS depression
_azine indicates a phenothiazine promethazine CNS depressant
_ sone indicates a corticosteroid cortisone, prednisone timing of dose, risk of infection
_esterone indicates a progestin progesterone. have women get what? annual pap smear
_dronate indicates a calcium regulator etidronate dosing details, monitor calcium
-olone indicates an anabolic steroid androlone. toxic to what 2 organs? liver and heart toxicity
_asteride indicates an androgen inhibitor dutasteride. monitor what? urinary output
_ profen indicates an NSAID GI bleeding, lots of exceptions
-caine local anesthetics
-dine H2 blockers (antiulcers)
-done opoid analgesics
-mide diuretics
-nium neuromuscular blocking agents
-zide diuretics
Created by: kerinska