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Mexico is part of a landbridge that connects North America to: South America
Large, flat center of Mexico: Plateau of Mexico
Mexico is bordered on the east coast by: the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea
What is the religion of most Mexicans? Roman Catholicism
Led an army of peasants in 1810: Miguel Hidalgo
Culturally, Mexico is part of: Latin America
Haciendas: large farms that raise a single crop for money
Tenochtitlan was built by: the Aztec
Mexico gained independence from: Spain
Mexican President serves only one term of: 6 years
City where people sometimes wear masks due to heavy smog: Mexico City
Who did the Mexican gov't refuse to let build factories in Mexico: foreign countries
Mexico has ______ states. 31
National capital: Mexico City
Most people in Mexico live in the ___________ part of the country. central
Mexico Independence Day: Sept. 16
Large public squares: plazas
Mayan priests used ________________ to develop time. 365 day calandar
Mexico's gov't is a: federal republic
Olmecs: built the first civilization in Mexico
Long peninsula in western Mexico Baja California
"Mexica" was used by: Aztecs
One of the largest urban areas in the world with 22 million people: Mexico City
Peninsula that juts into the Gulf of Mexico: Yucatan
Mountain ranges that are volcanic in Mexico: Sierra Madre
City with beaches that attract tourists: Cancun
Nearly 40% of Mexico's population is _________ the poverty line. below
Factories that assemble parts made in other countries: Maquiladoras
Native Americans in Mexico first grew this crop: maize
Small plots farmers use to grow only enough food to feed their families: substitence farms
Mexican cowhands: vaqueros
large ranches in Mexico where cattle is raised: haciendas
Mexican celebration: fiesta
Clay bricks used to build homes: adobe
Migrant worker: travels to other countries to find work
Wealthy farms that grow sugarcane or bananas: plantations
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