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Africa Unit Part 1

What you need to know for your Africa Unit test

Soil that is able to grow many plants is called____. fertile
Bits of rock and dirt on river bottoms is this. silt
Many people live near this Egyptian river. The Nile
_______ help people farm the land around the Nile. floods
This is an area in the desert with water and vegetation. oasis
Farming only enough to feed and support your family. subsistence farming
Substances such as petroleum, diamonds, and gold. mineral resources
All the things people do to make a living. economy
Devout Muslims do this 5 times a day. pray
Nigeria has a lot of _______ so their economy is large. oil
Many African countries wanted their_______. sovereignty
A crop grown to make money is a _________. cash crop
A period of little to no rain is this__________. drought
This is an open-air market. bazaar
This holiday is celebrated in the Islam religion. Ramadan
_________ is the capital of Egypt. Cairo
Africa is called the “_________ Continent”. Plateau
The ______ Rift Valley is located near major lakes. Great
A_____ is a deep trench in the earth. Rift
A large raised area of mostly level ground is called a __________. Plateau
The elevation of Africa is very ____________ High
A small stream that flows into a larger river is a ________. Tributary
A desert area with a water source and vegitation is called an ____________. Oasis
People who travel from place to place are called ______________. Nomads
Many of Africa's lakes are found near _________. The Great Rift Valley
Subsistence farming is when a farmer grows crops to ___________. Feed the family
Islamic Law is based on _________. The Quran
The _________ desert can be found in the northern part of Africa Sahara
A time when little to no rain falls is called a ____________. Drought
Cote d'Ivoire is also called _________. "the Ivory Coast"
A long steep cliff is called an ________. Escarpment
This country is sometimes called, "The Hinge of Africa" or "Africa in Minature" Cameroon
_______ is the longest river in the world and flows through Egypt. The Nile
People live on the land surrounding the Nile river because the ________ there is fertile. Ground
Africa has many European ________ because of colonialism. influences
Rural Egyptian farmers are called ________. fallaheen
A rock filled rapid is called a __________. cataract
3/5 of Africa's land is used for this type of farming ___________. subsistence
Created by: kroberts