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antidep, antianxiety, gout, RA, alzheimer's, parkinsons

Risk of toxicity for TCA is a) 3xregular dose b) 5xregular dose c)8xregular dose d)10xregular dose? c 8x
TCA initial effects take place w/in a)1-3 weeks b) 5 weeks c) 14 days d) 1-2months. a 1-3 weeks, max effect is w/in 1-2mo
Dizziness, HA, nausea, sensory disturbances, tremor, anxiety, dysphoria describe a)serotonin syndrome b)serotonin w/d syndrome? b serotonin w/d
Mental status changes, hypertension, tremors, fever and sweats, hyperpyrexia or ataxia describe a)serotonin syndrome b)serotonin w/d syndrome? a) serotonin syndrome
May take up to 5 weeks for full effect a)SSRI b) TCA c)MAOI SSRI
Full effect reached w/in 4-8 weeks a)SSRI b)TCA c)MAOI MAOI
Phenotalamine or sublinual nifedipine is an antidote for a)TCA b)MAOI c)Benzodiazepine d)barbiturate b)MAOI
Risk of bleeding increases with which antidepressant? SSRI
MAOI plus Demerol can result in what? hyperpyrexia
MAOI plus antidiabetic can result in what? hypoglycemia
Anticholinergic effects (can’t see, can’t pee, can’t poop) are s/e of what class of antidepressants? TCA
Benzos are what schedule? Whereas barbiturates are what schedule? IV vs II
What is the classic triad of acute toxicity for barbiturates? respiratory depression, coma, pinpoint pupils
Which benzolike insomnia med has no limit on how long you can take it? Ambien, sonata or lunesta? lunesta
Reozerem is a a)benzo, b)benzo-like or c)melatonin agonist? c melatonin agonist
Which 2 drugs increase uric acid excretion? Zyloprim? Uloric? Probenecid? Anturane? Probenecid and Anturane
Which 2 drugs inhibit uric acid formation? Zyloprim? Uloric? Probenecid? Anturane? Zyloprim and Uloric
Which medication should use take on an empty stomach w/ full glass of water and no eating or drinking for 30 min. uloric, anturane, vitamin D, Fosamax? Fosamax
Very little of this drug is absorbed 0.7% none-if taken w/ food. But once in the system will stay for decades. a) chochine b)Fosamax c) levodopa d) vitamin D Fosamax
Esophagitis, musculoskeletal pain, ocular inflammation and osteonecrosis of the jaw are all s/e of what drug for osteoporosis? Calcitonin-salmon b)bisphosphonates c) estrogen replacement, bisphosphonates
NMDA receptor Antagonist Memantine is used for a)alzeimer’s b)Parkinson’s c)depression alzheimer’s
Memantine is used for mild to moderate or moderate to severe Alzheimer’s? Moderate to severe
Regulates Ca+ influx into neurons (in AD too much Ca+ enters) is the MOA for what AD drug? A)NMDA receptor antagonist b)cholinesterase inhibitor c) COMT inhibitors NMDA receptor antagonist
Cholinesterase Inhibitors, Aricept, Exelon-patch are used for a) Parkinsons b)Alzheimer’s c)gout b)alzheimer’s
The s/e of Aricept a cholinesterase inhibitors are caused by ↑ of _____ in periphery ACh
Nausea,vomiting, dypepisa, diarrhea, dizziness, headache, bronchoconstriction, Liver injury (Tacrine) and bradycardia are s/e of a)Aricept b)memantine c) levodopa a)aricept
Which of the following drugs for Alzheimer’s causes Reversible inhibition of Ach-more selective for brain than periphery a)Comtan b)Aricept c) memantine d) selegiline b)aricept
The 2 drugs for Alzheimer’s are M__________ A______________ Memantine, Aricept
Mirapex a dopamine agonist for Parkinson’s is which? 1st line, 2/3rd line? Given for mild or severe? 1st line mild/mod, younger pt who can manage s/e
MAOI + Tyramine foods hypertensive crisis
Fosamax, premarin, evista, calcitonin-salmon a)promote bone growth or b) prevent bone resorption prevent bone resorption
DMARDs such as plaqeunil, rheumatrex take how long to take effect? And should be given w/ what supplement? 4-6weeks, folic acid
BRM’s tumor necrosis factor drugs such as Enbrel used for RA have a s/e of high risk for what? serious infections
Enbrel is a)BRM b)SERM c)bisphosphonate a)BRM
How long after a meal should calcium be taken? 1-2hrs
Which gout medication requires patient to drink @ least 2L of water to flush kidneys? Probenecid and anturane (the ones that ↑ uric acid excretion)
COMT inhibitors inhibit metabolism of ________ in the periphery but has no direct therapeutic effects of their own. levodopa
What drug can be used to help treat cancer? uloric
what drug should be avoided if bone cancer? PTH-forteo
What drug can be used to help treat cancer? uloric
what drug should be avoided if bone cancer? PTH-forteo
indomethacin is what type of drug? NSAID
naproxen is what type of drug? NSAID
Diclofenac sodium is what type of drug? NSAID
Prednisone is what type of drug? What is it used for gluchocorticoid, acute gout
Chochicine is used for what? What is it’s MOA? acute gout
Zyloprim is used for what? What is its MOA? gout prevention , inhibits uric acid formation
Probenecid is used for what? What is its MOA? gout prevention, ↑ uric acid excretion
Anturane is used for what? What is its MOA? gout prevention, ↑ uric acid excretion
Uloric is used for what? What is its MOA? gout prevention, inhibits uric acid formation
Bisphosphonates- ending in –dronate are used for what? What is the MOA? osteoporosis, prevents bone resorption
SERMs (selective estrogen receptor modifiers) are used for what? What is the MOA? osteoporosis, prevents bone resorption
What drug class for osteoporoisis has ↑ risk for breast/endo cancer, MI and stroke? estrogen replacement ie Premarin
Evista is a) estrogen replacement b) SERM c) DMARD d) BRM b SERM
What osteroprosis drug ↑ risk of DVT and PE? evista, SERM
Plaquenil is a)SERM b)DMARD c) BRM d) PTH? b) DMARD
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