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JavaScript 1

Describe escape() function Function that takes a string and encodes the special characters
Desc. unescape() function Returns converted special chars to regular
Desc. split(p1, p2) If no param returns the whole string p1-Str to split p2-Num of splits to return
Timed operations SetTimeOut clearTimeOut var t=setTimeOut("javascript stmt", millisec); java stmt can nbe function call or as statement that executes
How to clear a timed function clearTimeOut(variable)- cancels the setTimeOut
getElementById("Id").innerHTML Inserts text or script to right of '=' where item flagged with 'Id'
Define Cookie How to assign cookie value A variable stored on client computer document.cookie=<Name-value pair>,<Expiration Date>,<Domain&path of server it should be sent to>
Explain Cookie Expiration Stored in UPC time. If empty, the cookie is trashed when browser closed.
Explain Cookie domain&path Tells browser what domain to sendn cookie to. If not set, it is domain where cookie is set.Default is '/' which is valid thru whole domain.
JS Math functions Round/Random/Max/Min
Define RegExp An object that describes a pattern of characters. Used to find-match chars. var patt=New RegExp("e")
RegExp Functions Test() & exec() Test returns true on match Exec returns the matching char Ex:var patt= new RegExp("e") document.write(patt.test("Best")); document.write(patt.exec("Best"));
Dates Explained Are calculated in millisec since 01/01/70
Array defn. 3 types var myArray = new Array(); myArray[0]="Saab"; myArray[1]="BMW"; var myArray = new Array("Saab", "BMW"); var myArray=["Saab","BMW"];
How to join array & example Concat myArray(array1,..arrayN);
Add & Remove Last Array element Pop & Push(value)
Add & Remove First Array element shift & unshift myArray.unshift("Value");
Specify Java script <script type="text/javascript">
Hide JS in comment tags, how & why. Wrap JS in <!-- (JS) //--> the '//' added so comment not picked up by JS.
JS comments Single line - // Multi-line - /* ~~ */
Variable Name Rules Must begin with letter or underscore
Variables and scope Variables defined in functions are local. Global:Defined outside the function or with an assignment.
Where is JS put In the body (typically at bottom) or in the head
How to call JS in page Place <script type="text/javascript" src="xxx.js"></script>
When is JS run. Executed when page is loaded unless it is inside a function. Function scripts are executed based on an event.
Is JS case sensitive? Yes
Operations Comparisons == - Equals === - Equals and same type
Logical functions && - and || - or ! - not
Message functions (3) Alert Confirm Promp
Alert Box Alert("someText"); Click 'Ok'
Confirm Box myVar=Confirm("someText"); click 'Ok' or 'Cancel' returns 'T'or 'F'
Prompt Box myVar=Prompt("SomeText","Default"); Returns input value
for statement for(Var=stmt;var<=endval;var=var+incr); for(i=0; i<5;i++)
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