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DA Chapter 15

DA Chapter 15 pharmacology FINAL

Dental ointment that is placed on the mucosal surface is administered by which route? Topical
A form of addictive depressants used to relieve pain are... narcotics
The legislation that was established to identify drugs according to 5 schedules of abuse potential is... The comprehensive abuse prevention and control act of 1970
If an antibiotic is said to be a broad spectrum, it means that it is... It is effective against a wide range of bacteria
The most commonly used source about drugs in the dental office is... The PDR
The drug schedule that has the highest abuse potential and is the most dangerous is... Schedule I
The route of administration of a drug that is delivered right under the skin level is... intradermal
Tylenol with codeine is under which schedule of numbers of controlled substances Schedule III
Percodan is an________drug type analgesic
A drug used to treat thrush or candidiasis could be________ Nystatin
The study of all drugs is known as... Pharmacology
When a person becomes physically dependent on a drug that person has a/an ________ addiction
Drugs that cause psychological dependence are called... habit forming
The ________gathers information about drugs used in dentristy Council on dental theraputics
Individuals who dispense drugs must have a/an__________issued number to prescribe drugs DEA
A prescription is written in several parts. The _________includes the dentist's name, address and phone# Heading
In the ________of the prescription the dentist inscribes or writes the name and strength, dose and form of the drug prescribed. Body
b.i.d. means twice a day
An oral drug that is enteric coated indicates what? It has a coating that resists breaking down in the stomach
The federal regulatory agency that has control of all food, cosmetic and drugs sold is the________ FDA
Alcohol is a ________, a drug that slows body processes depressant
An illegal drug that contains THC and affects the nervous system is Marijuana
________is the most addictive of the narcotics Heroin
One of the best known narcotic analgesic drugs is... Morphine
Drugs that releive pain can be non-narcotic, such as... Aspirin
Antibiotics that are effective against a wide range of bacteria are called... Broad Spectrum
Schedule______drugs ,such as marijuana, heroin and LSD have high potential for abuse. Schedule I
Schedule______drugs such as cocaine and morphine have high potential for abuse and are prescribed routinely in the dental office Schedule II
Schedule______drugs, such as Tylenol III have a lower potential for abuse and are prescribed routinely in the dental office Schedule III
The most common method of taking medications is... oral
One of the drugs used in dentistry is nitrous oxide, it is administered by what route? inhalation
________is an anti-fungal drug used in dentistry to treat candidiasis Nystatin
Define...Drug Substance that can change life processes in the body
Define...Medicine Drugs used to treat disease
Define...Side effects when drugs cause unintended results
Define...Drug interaction When one drug changes the effect of another
Define...Addicted Being Physically dependent
Define...Synergistic The risk of combining drugs
Define...Psychologically dependent Strong emotional need
Define...Habit forming leading to psychological dependency
Define...Intravenous Injection into the vein
Define...Intramuscular Injection into the muscle
Define...subcutaneous Injection under the skin above the muscle
Define...Intradermal Injection under the top layer of skinn