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Call Types

1- ATCEMS Communications Call Types

ADBO Abdominal Pain
ALLE Allergic Reaction
BITE Animal Bites
ASLT Assault
BACK Back Pain
RESP Breathing Problems
BURN Burns/Explosions
TOXI Carbon Monoxide/Toxic Exposure
CARD Cardiac Arrest
CP Chest Pain
SEIZ Convulsions/Seizures
DIAB Diabetic Problems
NEAR Drowning/Diving/Scuba Accident
ELEC Electrocution/Lightning
EYE Eye Problems/Injuries
FALL Falls
HEAD Headache
HP Heart Problems
EXPO Heat/Cold Exposure
HEMO Hemorrhage/Laceration
RSQC Inaccessible Incident/Other Entrapments
OD Overdose
POIS Poisoning
OB Pregnancy/Childbirth/Miscarriage
PSYC Psychiatric/Abnormal Behavior/Suicide
SICK Sick Person
PTRM Penetrating Trauma
GSW Gunshot Wound
STAB Stabbing
CVA Stroke
TI Traffic Accident
ROLL Rollover
RSQV Pinin
INJ Traumatic Injuries
UNCON Unconscious
SYNC Fainting
UNKN Unknown Problem
CHOK Choking
FIRE Request Assist from Fire Department
LAW Request Assist from Law Enforcement
BOX Box Alarm assist request from Fire Department
HIRIS Skyscraper Fire assist request from Fire Department
ALERT Airplane Crash
ALAR Medical Alarm Activation
ATPT Attended Patient
RSQCV Cave Rescue
CBRNE Chemical/Biological/Radiation/Nuclear/Explosion
CMHLTH Community Health Assist
DOS Deceased on Scene
EMTF Emergency Medical Task Force Request
BOMB Explosive Ordinance Disposal Squad Request
HANG Hanging
RSQHC Hazardous Condition Rescue
RSQHA High Angle Rescue
INPT In Patient Facility
RSQI Industrial Rescue
INFO Information Only Request
LTTF Referred to Lake Travis Task Force
LIFT Lift Only Assist
MA Mutual Aid Request
PSA Public Safety Assist
REF Referred
REFFD Referred Lift Assist
RESCU Rescue
RSQSR Search and Rescue
SEM Special Event Medical
STBY Special Event Standby
FIRES Helicopter Fire Assist Request
SFINF Helicopter Information Request
LAWS Helicopter Law Assist
MASF Helicopter Mutual Aid Request
SFNICU Helicopter NICU Team Transport Request
SFOB Helicopter OB Specialty Team Transport Request
SFPICU Helicopter PICU Team Transport Request
RSQSF Helicopter Rescue Request
SARSF Helicopter Search and Rescue
TRANS Helicopter Interfacility Transfer
RSQSC Structural Collapse Rescue
RSQSW Swift Water Rescue
SWAT Tactical Medics Assist Request
TEST Test Call
RSQT Trench Rescue
RSQW Still Water Rescue
RSQL Wilderness Rescue
WMD Weapons of Mass Destruction Assist
ETRAN Emergency Transfer Hospital to Hospital
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