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the two functions of the ear are hearing and- equilibrium
the two main divisions of the central nervous system are the: spinal cord and brain
the portion of the eye the contains the rods and cones is the: retina
the term meaning muscle pain is: myalgia
the reporting mechanism that goes from your direct supervisor to your supervisor's supervisor is called the: chain of authority
which of the following postions is used to examine the abdomen? supine
pathogens that thrive in oxygen are called: aerobes
the amount of money the medical office owes for supplies and equipment is considered: accounts payable
balancing the checkbood with the bank statement is called: reconciliation
the first aid procedure for a suspected fracture includes: immobilizing the part
which condition is characterized by a defieciency in insulin production: diabetes mellitus
the heart is divided into right and sides by the: septum
the cardiovascular system includes: heart and blood vessels
a localized dilation of an aretery is a(an): aneursym
one type of genetic bleeding disorder is: hemophilia
the measurement of height or length and weight is: mensuration
GASTRECTASIA means: stretching of the stomach
the muscle that expands and contract during respiration, allowing the lungs to fill and empty air is the: diaphragm
the vocal cords are located in theL larynx
the most effective method of destroying spores is autoclaving
when multiple patients are evaluated and prioritized for treatment it is called: triage
the term AUSCULTATION means listening
the recommended temperature for effective sterilization in an autoclave is: 250oE
the organization that established guidelines for occupational exposure to blood is the: OSHA
what manual identifies procedural codes for submitting insurance claims: CPT
the "S" in SOAP charting means: signature
a business letter in which all lines start flush with the left margins is: block style
the employees withholding allowand certificate is the: W-4
a file used as a reminder that something must be taken care on a certain date is called: tickler file
a set of principles or values is called: ethics
an istrument used to test neurologic reflexes is a (an): percussion hammer
slurred speech and one sided paralysis are symptoms of : stroke
the abbreviation"mL" means millititer
the type of appt. scheduling is which several pts are given the same appt. time is called: wave scheduling
a drug that relieves nausea and vomitting is classified as an: antiemetic
use of chemicals to clean infectious materials from items or surfaces is called: disinfectant
myopia is a condition of: nearsightedness
a fracture that causes the fone to break through the skin is called: compound fracture
the system used for classifying diseases to fiaciliatate collection of health information is: ICD-9-CM
the pulse point located bilaterally in the groin is the: femoral
an instrument used to examine the eyes is a(n): ophthalmoscope
the term HEMATURIA means: blood in the urine
what pulse site is most commonly used radial artery
in the usual physical exam sequence, which area of the body does the physician examine first: head and neck
the attention line of a business leter is located 2 lines below the inside address
when a physician license is accepted from one state to another it is called: reciprocity
a pt with 20/30 vision in both eyes can see with: 20 feet what the normal eye sees at 30 feet
appendix is located in the: RLQ
CMS, formly HCFA regulates medicare insurance
a patient placed in the SIMS position to examine the: rectum
the subdivisions of E&M codes include: diagnostic and treatment services
a drug classified as an antipyretic would be used for: lowering fever
an oral temperature is ? degree lower than a rectal temperature 1
vaccines are an example of which type of immunity: active
a substance produced in the body in response to the presence of an antigen is: antibody
vitamin A is a fat soluable or water soluable vitamin fat-soluable
a 12 lead EKG records: three bipolar,three unipolar, and six precordial leads
a normal male hemocrit reading would be: 43% to 49%
one (1) grain is equivalent to: 60mg
normal specific gravity reading for urine is: 1,010
a treatment method that uses a tank with equipment that agitates the water for gentle massage is a(n) whirlpool
when administering a 1mL or greater amt of medication by injection can not be admistered: intrademally
a radiographic technique that produces a film representing a detailed cross section of tissue structure is a (n) computerized tomography
in an EKG the standardization mark is: 10 mm high
a surgical instrument found on a suture tray is: thumb foreceps
another term for the chest leads on an EKG is: percordial leads
to obtain a capillary blood specimen you should: wipe away the first drip of blood
the proper size needle for administering an intrademal injection is: 27 gauge-3/8
to obtain an anteroposerior (AP) x-ray view, the pt is positioned with the: anterior aspect of the body facing the x-ray tube
the best method to deliver deep heat to tissues in to use: ultrasound therapy
the muscle used for an intramuscular injection is the: deltoid
when preparing a sterile tray how much border should be considered nonsterile 1 inch
a physcian orders 125mg of a drug: the available amt on hand is 500mg/ many mL of the drug would you give the pt 0.25
range of motion is consider a form of exercise
in an EKG, a VR, a VL, and a VF represent: augmented limb leads
the term ESOPHAGOGASTRITIS means esophagus and the stomach
the stucture of the body that lays over the larynx like a ld and prevents food from entering the trachea is the: epiglottis
a urine test that compares the weight of urine to that of distilled water is: specfic gravity
the salutation of a letter is placed: 2 lines below the inside address
pathogens that thrive in the absence of oxygen are called: anaerobes
a ledger is also used as a patients: statement
the book containing procedure and service codes performed by the doctor and medical personnal is called: CPT- Current Procedural Terminology
ringworm is an example of a diseased caused by: fungus
the faint tapping sound heard as the blood pressure cuff initially deflates is called; systolic pressure
forceps is an instrument used to: grasp tissue
the EKG lead that measures the difference in electrical potential between the right arm and left arm is: lead I
medicare part B does not cover: hospital charges
the vacuum tube used to collect blood so the blood will clot is what color: red
an intravenous pyelogram is used to examine the: kindneys and the bladder
passive exercise means that a pt: can not move the body without help
when nutrients are initially taken into the body it is called: ingestion
the muscle used for an injection located in the thigh is the: vastus lateralis
the medical term meaning "within the vessel"is: intravascular
the spleen is located in the: left upper quadrant
the inside address of professional letter includes the: recipient's address written without abbreviations
a yeast infection that causes vaginitis is: candida
normal respiration rate of an adult 12-20
the clear liquid portion of whole blood is: plasma
to convert milligrams to grams divide by 1000
an arthrogram is the radiographic visualization of: the joint
diathermy is an example of an agent that incorporates the use of : deep heat
"Res ipsa loquitur" is a latin term that means: the thing speaks for itself
osteitis inflammation of the bone
the superior vena cava is the: vein that carries blood from the upper body back to the heart
the most common method used to chart the patients medical record is: SOAP
the salutation of a letter is the: greeting
ICD-9 codes that identify medical problems for reasons other than illness or injury are: V- codes
the proper time and temperature for sterilizing instruments is: 30 mins at 250
the Fowlers position is used for pts with difficulty breathing
OU is no longer used to chart you should use: both eyes
the V1 EKG lead is located the fourth intercostal space to the right of the sternum
the proper site for a capillary puncture is: tip of the ring finger
KUB is an x-ray of the: urinary system
cold applied to part of the body caused the effect of: vasoconstriction
producing antibodies as a result of having a disease is what type of immunity active immunity
aquired immunodefieciency synfrome is caused by: a virus
the dosalis pedis pulse is located: on the top of the foot
the EKG grounding lead is attached to: right leg
a myelogram is an x-ray of the spinal cord
the physician orders amox. 1Gm to be divied into 4 equal doses. Available is Amox. 250 mg/5mL How many millitiers will the pt recieve: 5mL
dyspepsia is difficulty digesting
the pericardium is the: floor of the pelvis
"respindeat superior" refers to: the physician is responsible for the staff
the proper angle of the needle to the skin when administering a subcutaneous injection is: 45o
the process by which nutrients transfer from the gastrointestinal system in the blood stream is referred to: asorption
a device used to check vision is: a snellen chart
when several tubes of blood are to be drawn which is drawn first: blood culture tubes
the parenteral method of administration of medication means the drug is: injected
the thoracic and the abdonimal cavities are seperated by the: diaphragm
the main tissue of the outer layer of the skin is: epithlial
the glands that are saclike structure and produce oily secretions that lubricate the skin are: sebaceous
the portion of skeletal bone that manufactures blood cells is the red bone marrow
the structures that attach muscles to bones are: tendons
nerve fibers are insulated and protected by a fatty material called: myelin
the function of the lacrimal apparatus is to: produce tears to lubricated the eyes
a bone that is part of the pelvic girdle is: ischium
the cellular components of blood are: erythrocytes/leukocyes and platelets
the chambers of the heart are: ventricles and atria
producing antibodies due to having the disease is an example of: active immunity
the wavelike movement that propels food through the digestive tract is called: peristalsis
the term that means the body is in a state of equilibrium or balance is called: homeostasis
the funnel-shaped basin that forms the upper end of the ureter is the: renal pelvis
in both male/females the entire pelvic floor is called the perineum
the body system that includes the thyroid and pituitary glands is: endocrine
the term inguinal pertains to what area/stucture of the body groin
the measure of acidity or alkalinity is called pH
the term that decribes a solution that has the same concentration as cell fluids is isotonic
the fibrous nbands that support organs to hold them in place is called: facia
the small tip of cartilage at the lower end of the sternum is called xiphoid process
a major muscle in thee body that assist in raising the arm away from the body is: deltoid
cells that carry or transmit impluses toward the central nervous system are called: afferent neurons
the space(s)in the brain where cerebrospinal fluid is formed is: ventricles
impulses from the receptors for smell are carried to the brain by the: olfactory nerve
the hormone that is essential for growth is produced in the: pituitary gland
the layers of the heart epicardium and myocardium
the blood vessel that brings blood from the head/chest and arms back to the heart is: superiour vena cava
the proper sequence for the flow of blood in the body is: artery-arteriole-capillary
the process in which white blood cells take in and destroy waste and foreign material is; phogocytosis
the common structure to the respiratory and digestive system is: pharynx
most of the digestive process occurs in the: small intestine
the lining of the stomach has many folds called the: rugae
the first part of the small intestine is; duodenum
accumulation of excessive fluid in the intercellular spaces is called: edema
the kidneys are located: retroperitoneal space
the term hydonephrosis means: excessive urine
the largest artery in the body is the: abdominal aorta
the term amenorrhea means: absence of menstural flow
the hormone produced by the embryonic cells of the fetus is: human chorionic gonadotropin hormone
what does the substance thrombin promote is blood: clotting
the left atrioventricular (AV) valve in the heart is also known as the: mitral valve
the only artery in the body that carries deoxygenated blood: pulmonary artery
a localized dilation resulting from a weakness of a blood vessel wall is a(n): aneursym
sigmoid is part of: the large intestine
the tube that permits urine to pass from the bladder to the outside of the body is the: urethra
the innermost layer of the uterus is the: endomtrium
the fronal or coronal plane of the body divides the body into: front and rear
the membrane attached to internal organs is the: viseral layer
the term that describes the disorder that breaks sown tissues in a body system: degenerative
the study of the cause of any disease or of all factors that may be involved in the development of the disease is known as: etiology
the chronic skin condition characterized by a red flat area covered with silvery scales is: psorias
which of the following is not one of the cranial bones: a)frontal-b)parietal-c)ethmoid-d)temporal-e)maxilla Maxilla(part of the skull)
the bone that is part of the shoulder girdle and is between the sternum and scapula: clavicle
the type of muscule responsible for producing peristalsis is: smooth
the sympathetic system of the autonomic nervous system is responsible for; dilation of bronchi of the lungs
the portion of the brain that aids in the coordination of the voluntary mucscle actions: cerbellum
strabismus is condition of the eye causing: cross-eyed apparence
the cluster of cells called the islets of Langerhans is located: in the pancreas
the Rh factor in blood is: an antigen that affects a persons blood type
the area of the heart that initiates a heartbeat is the: sinotrial node
the blood vessels that is proximal(closest) to the heart is: ascending artery
acquired,natural,active immunity is achieved by:: contracting the disease
the sac covering the lungs is called the plueral sac
the function of the liver is to: detoxify harmful substances such as alcohol and drugs
the fluid contained within the body cells is called the: intracellular fluid
zinc and magnesium are what type of elements found in the body electrolytes
uremia is: a condition resulting from renal failure with high levels of blood urea nitrogen
the hormone that causes contraction of the uterine muscle during labor is; oxtyocin
the region located directly below the umbilical region is: hypogastric region
the sebaceous gland is part of which glands: the exocrine glands
the muscle located on the anterior thigh and that functions to extend the leg is the: quadriceps fermoris
the artery located in the upper arm is: brachial artery
any foreign substance that enters the body and induces an immune response is a(an); antigen
the smaller leg bone, lateral to the tibia, is the: fibula
he small pouch that is the first part of the large intestine is the: cecum
the hormone that regulates the amount of water that is eliminated with urine is: ADH
the excessive curvature in the thoracic portion of the spinal column: known as hunchback is: kyphosis
diabetic retinopathy is a result of damage to the: eyes
what protein is found in the epidermis that makes the skin waterproof: keratin
what is the most common condition of the eye that is associated with aging: presbyopia
what structure is at the neck of the bladder and surrounds the urethra: prostate
the epigastric anatomical region of the abdomen is located: distal to the sternum
collagen is a substance found in the dermis is a(n): fibrous protein
which glands are located on the sides of the vaginal opening a produce mucus: bartholin
when the foot is moved outward, the joint movement is: abduction
the master gland of the body is the: pituitary
the glomerulus is a cluster of blood capillaris found in the: nephron
the regulation of the body temperature is controlled by the: hypothalamus
a blood cell that carries oxygen and has no nucleus is a(n): erythrocyte
during respiration,exhaled air contains primarily: carbon monoxide
a condition causing backflow of stomach acid throug the esophageal sphincter is called: GERD
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