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Travel and Tourism 1

Travel and Tourism Review #1

What is the International Date Line? The boundary that lies in the Pacific Ocean and separates the east and west hemispheres; being on one side of the date line versus another will put you one day ahead or one day behind
What is seasonality? The peaks and valleys of demand for a destination: peak, shoulder, low
3 things a cruise line should consider when pricing a cruise. Cabin location, length of trip, season of sailing
What is ethnocentrism? The attitude that a person’s own culture is the BEST and most natural
What is egocentrism? Putting one’s own country in the center of the map
What is a cartographer? Mapmaker
What is the equator? The boundary between the north and south hemispheres, which marks the reversal of the seasons
What are the 4 Ps of Marketing? Promotion, Price, Place, Product (Marketing Mix)
Parts of a Cruise Ship Bow- Front of ship Port - Left Side of Ship Stern - Back of Ship
What percent of the earth's surface is water? 70%
What is the difference between climate and weather? Climate is the sum of the weather over a period of time. Weather is what is happening now.
What are the 4 major Cruise Lines? Carnival, Celebrity, Disney, Royal Caribbean
Capital of Georgia Atlanta
3 things included in the price of a Cruise On Board Entertainment, meals served in the dining rooms, & cabin
Why would a Park City hotel increase its rates during the Sundance Film Festival? Demand is greater than supply
What is a Spa? A property that offers many health related services
What is a hub? What is a spoke? Hub is the centralized airlines operations center, located near major population centers. Spokes are cities from which airlines flying smaller planes feed passengers into hubs. IT SAVES THE AIRLINE MONEY!!
What is the airline's product? Space on its planes
Capital of Oregon Salem
What letters do airport codes begin with in Canada? Y or Z
Where is JFK airport located? New York City
What is Market Segmentation? Segmenting the market based on specific characteristics to understand the needs and wants within each market
What is a charter flight? Planes hired to fly to a particular place at a time specified by the customer
Where is the cheapest room on a cruise ship? Inside Cabin
What is Social Impact? People traveling to a destination want to experience the culture of that location. For example: travelers going to Mexico and eating authentic Mexican food.
What happened in the 1800s that changed the way people traveled? Railroad
What is a Bed & Breakfast? Fewer rooms, lots of personal service including breakfast
Capital of Utah Salt Lake City
Capital of New York Albany
Capital of Nevada Carson City
How does an airport make money? Traffic operations Parking lots Airport concessions
Who is in charge of security at airports? government
How many flights in the U.S. are non-smoking? All
Capital of Illinois Springfield
Why do airlines offer last minute discounts? Supply is greater than demand
What is the order of the Selling Process? Approach, Determine the needs, Present the product, Overcome objections, Closing the sale, Suggestion selling, Follow-up
What is the busiest airport in North America? Chicago's O'Hare International (ORD)
What is a passport? How long is it good for? Paperwork that establishes a person’s identity and nationality and protects the traveler. 10 years.
What is a visa and who issues it? Endorsement or stamp placed in passports by officials from a country other than the passport owner’s home country. officials of the country to be visited issue it.
Capital of Texas Austin
What types of items does U.S. Customs forbid from being brought back into a country Most fruits, vegetables, and meats Items considered injurious or not for the general welfare and those fashioned from endangered species
Currency of the European Union? Euro
What is it called when theme parks sell tickets to hotels and the hotels turn around and sell them to their guests? Business to Business Selling
What is Check-in? The boarding procedure that lets the airline know that the passenger has arrived
Capital of South Carolina Columbia
Primary Research and an example of it Information gathered specifically for the particular marketing situation. For example, a hotel could send a survey to a recent guest to gather primary research.
What is demographic segmentation? Statistics that describe a population in terms of personal characteristics such as: age, gender, income, ethnicity, or education.
Which president made the Pullman Car famous? Lincoln
What the benefits of riding a train? Scenery Alternative for those afraid to fly Convenient center-city stations Space for self & possessions Freedom of movement Fewer weather delays Lower costs for unreserved day coach
What cities does the Metroliner travel between? Washington D.C. and New York City
What car rental company introduced the "rent it here, leave-it-there" concept? What is it? Hertz Renter can pick up a car in one location and leave it in another
What percentage of vacations are taken by car? 80%
4 major Career segments in Travel & Tourism Food & Beverage, Lodging, Travel & Tourism, Sports, Events & Entertainment
What is the minimum age someone must be to rent a car from most agencies? 25
What is unlimited mileage? Pricing principle allowing customers to drive as far as they want for a flat rate
Capital of Maryland Annapolis
What is a drop off charge? This is added if a rent-it-here/leave-it-there rate is not available
What is the recommended daily tip for your waiter or cabin steward on a cruise? $3.50
What is seasonality and give an example. Highs & lows of demand for a destination and its facilities, generally based on climate & geography. How to overcome it: cruises are cheaper during hurricane season.
What is a feature? Give an example. A physical characteristic about a product that can help describe the product. An example of this would be: additional leg room on an airplane.
What is an apprenticeship? Educational, hands on experience working at a business with an experienced employee. May not get paid.
What is Yield Management Pricing? Setting different prices for goods and services in an effort to maximize revenue when limited capacity is a factor
What is Amtrak? U.S. National Railroad System
What is inelastic demand? when price does not affect demand
What is prestige pricing? A high price associated with a product to present it as being a quality or luxurious good. Hotel price their rooms high so it presents itself as a luxurious hotel.
What is a target market? A specific group of customers that an organization selects as the focus of its marketing plan
What is a Marketing Concept? Business’s must come up with ideas to satisfy customers’ needs and wants in order to make a profit
Elasticity of Demand How much a change in price affects the change of demand. As price increases people travel less.
What is infrastructure? The network of utilities or the physical components needed by a destination to support tourism.
What was the first national park? Yellowstone
What is a benefit? Give example. An advantage that is obtained because of a specific feature. An example of this would be the comfort of stretching legs in an emergency exit row seat of an airplane.
What is Destination Marketing? The process of developing, promoting, and distributing specific locations to customers in an effort to increase visitation to that location.
What is the Promotional Mix? Combination of promotional activities including: Advertising, Sales Promotion, Personal Selling, Publicity, Public Relations
What are the top U.S. vacation destinations? Disney World and Las Vegas
What is Information Management? Businesses gather information about customers through reservations and other means. They can use this information to predict futures sales, plan menus, etc…..
What is Marketing? All things a seller does to bring a product to the attention of a buyer.
What is most popular ride at a theme park? Rollercoaster
What is the job of a hotel's front desk staff? Greets, assigns rooms, and organizes accounts for guests
What is the traveler's favorite payment choice? Credit Card
Created by: tpollard

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