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FLAVIN MED104 F 2018

MED104 FINAL FACTS Medical Terminology 2018

What does the combining form dermat/o mean? skin
abort/o = miscarry
amni/o = amnion
episi/o = vulva
fet/o = fetus
obstetr/o = midwife
-centesis = surgical puncture
-ician = one who practices
-metry = measurement or process of measuring
-tomy = incision or to cut
AIDS acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
BPH benign prostatic hyperplasia
Bx biopsy
C section cesarean section
D and C dilation and curettage
DRE digital rectal examination
ED erectile dysfunction
FAS fetal alcohol syndrome
FBD fibrocystic breast disease
GYN gynecology
HBV hepatitis B virus
HIV human immunodeficiency virus
HMD hyaline membrane disease
HPV human papillomavirus
HRT hormone replacement therapy
IDC infiltrating ductal carcinoma
OB obstetrics
OB/GYN obstetrics/gynecology
Pap smear Papanicolaou smear (or test)
PID pelvic inflammatory disease
PMS premenstrual syndrome
PSA prostrate
RDS respiratory distress syndrome (of the newborn)
SAB spontaneous abortion
STI sexually transmitted infection
TSS toxic shock syndrome
TURP transurethral resection of the prostate
TVS transvaginal sonography
nephroma tumor of kidney
LASIK acronym
micro small
mammary glands are in what system reproductive
hypo beneath or under or below
skin belongs to what system Integumentary
arthritis inflammation of the joint
-tripsy surgically crush
rhino nose
nocturia urination at night
-metry process of measuring
osis condition of
heart belongs to what system cardiac
reduced number of RBC is aka anemia
-meter measuring instrument
predicted outcome is the . . . prognosis
mononucleosis A viral disease characterized by enlarged lymph nodes and an increased MONOcyte count
nulli none
hysterectomy removal of the uterus
melanoma is what color black
The prefix a- means without or lack of
pyuria pus in the urine
against anti-
suffix -phil affinity for
enteritis inflammation of the intestines
gout often seen in the great toe
myc/o fungus
derma, dermat, dermato skin
hematuria blood in the urine
cryptorchidism undescended testicle
ortho straight
epi on top, above, over
ABG arterial blood gases
SOB shortness of breath
MI aka heart attack
CVA aka cerebral vascular accident (stroke)
CA cancer
EKG electrocardiogram
PFT pulmonary function test
Bx biopsy
Ca calcium
bid twice a day
qd every day
HS hour of sleep
the prefix ____ means through or across trans-
-itis inflammation
carcin/o cancer
abduct take away
post- after
instrument used to examine the vaginal orifice speculum
peps/o digestive
align bones or return bones to normal position reduction
this person manipulates bones Chiropractor
deficiency -penia
if you don't use it you will lose it aka atrophy
whooping cough is aka pertussis
a tear of fibers within a ligament is called sprain
dysuria difficult or painful urination
what two languages make up the medical language Greek and Latin
heart and lungs are in what cavity thoracic
clot thrombo
-tic, -al, -ic pertaining to
-algia pain
chest pain angina pectoris
asphyxia suffocate
cells form tissue
tissue form organs
organs form systems
sub- below or beneath
circum- together
epigastric region over the stomach
critical loss of blood hemorrhage
ambi- both
surgical puncture -centesis
body structure anatomy
study of -logy
onychomycosis nail fungus condition/infection
yellow skin means what condition jaundice
abdomen abdomin/o
laryng/o voice box
pharynx throat
-stomy surgical creation of an opening
swelling adema
gastroenterologist specialist of the stomach and intestines
mal- bad
eu- good or normal
tid three times a day
-phobia fear
eponym important people
-malacia softening
hardening -sclerosis
gas passed through the anus flatulence
oligo- little
URI upper respiratory infection
-emesis vomiting
-pathy disease
micro- small
phonetic means to assist with pronunciation
urticaria hives
dysphagia difficult swallowing
tear of muscle fibers strain
bronchitis inflammation of the bronchi
spitting or coughing up blood hemoptysis
disease or illness that develops slowly and last a long time chronic
arthr/o joint
peri around
hemi- half
-plasty surgical repair
-logy study of
colonoscopy visually examines the colon
large macro
specialist for kidney disease nephrologist
anti- against
myalgia muscle pain
the word part in front of a root word is the __ prefix
glyco sugar
po per oral
VS vital signs
T temperature
R respiration
BP blood pressure
intra within
leuko white
nevus mole
prophylaxis prevents infection
bisect cut in two
erythema redness
necrosis tissue death
hemolysis destruction of blood
anterior front
dyspnea difficulty breathing
suturing -rraphy
anterior towards / front
heart & lungs are in what cavity thoracic
large macro-
dermatologist specialist for skin
homeostasis process of maintaining internal stability
surgical repair -plasty
suffix word part placed at the end
aden/o gland
laryng/o combining form for voice box
anatomy study of the body structure
cerebral pertaining to the brain
over the stomach epigastric
psych/o combining form for mind
prefix -ab means away
pre before
anti- angainst
post-op after surgery
scoli/o curved
abdomen abdomin/o
yellowish coloration jaundiced
visual exam of the colon w/ an instrument colonoscopy
oligo- little
anterior curve of the lumbar spine lordosis
-penia deficiency
-tripsy surgically crush
love for -philia
digestive the system that breaks down food
carcin/o aka CA cancer
bi- two
tri- three
multi- many
anatomical body erect, palms, toes, and face forward position
combining form in mammogram mamm/o
prefix anti- against
-osis condition of
-scopy use of an instrument for viewing
endocrine is the system responsible for producing hormones
-ous, -al, and -ic mean pertaining to
muscle pain myalgia
tachy- is the prefix for fast or rapid
-centesis is the suffix meaning surgically puncture
edema swelling
dermatology means study of the skin
syst- is the root word for bladder
onych/o nail
rhin/o nose
nares nostril
EKG electrocardiogram
suffix -rrhea means excessive discharge
both ambi-
different heter-
eu- good
acronym example AIDS
urticaria hives
trans- across or through
pertaining to newborn neonatal
suturing -rraphy
pathy disease
cell cyt/o
psychology study of the mind
swallowing -phagia
sprain tear of fibers within a ligament
micro- small
leuk/o white
macro- large
straight orth/o
hypo- decreased or low
strain involving injury to a muscle
kyphosis hump back (excessive posterior curve of the thoracic spine)
around peri-
intra- within
pre- before
hemi- half
anti- against
brady slow
-sclerosis hardening
Greek & Latin languages impacting the formation & meanings of medical terms
word part providing primary meaning root
-emesis suffix
-meter measuring instrument
itchy skin pruritus
infer/o below
-stomy surgical creation of an opening
cells form tissue
-algia pain
emponyms medical terms derived from names of important people
phonetic spelling indicates the way a word would sound
bad mal-
tissues form organs
sub- & infer/o mean below
organs form systems
-itis inflammation
-phobia fear
Created by: Iteach4Docs