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Density of water? 1.0 g/ml
Which state of matter has the fastest moving particles, no definite volume or shape? Gas
Lightning, fire, aurora borealis? Plasma
A change that creates something new, usually not reversible? Chemical Change
Color, shape, and size are examples of? Physical properties.
Two or more substances not chemically combined? Mixture
Two or more elements chemically combined? Compound
A pure substance, all the same molecules, can not be broken down? Element
Substance that does the dissolving? Solvent
Ability to hammer into sheets? Malleable
Ability to stretch into wire? Ductile
When temperature goes up volume of gas increases? Charles's Law
As pressure decreases volume of gas increases? Boyles Law
Properties of both metal and non-metal? Metalloid
What liquid gets lighter and larger as it freezes? Water
Particles close together, move slowly, has definite volume and shape Solid
Particles sliding past each other, definite volume Liquid
Anything that has volume and mass Matter
Amount of space something takes up Volume
Amount of matter something has, remains constant Mass
Changes depending on gravity Weight
Orderly arrangement of molecules Crystalline
Molecules in no particular order Amorphous
Phase change from solid to liquid Melting
Phase change from liquid to solid Freezing
Phase change from liquid to gas above the boiling point Vaporization
Phase change from gas to liquid Condensation
Phase change from solid directly to gas Sublimation
Type of change when energy is absorbed, molecules get faster Endothermic
Type of change when energy is released, molecules slow Exothermic
Phase change from liquid to gas below the boiling point Evaporation
Substance being disolved Solute
Mixture in which you can see each substance Heterogenous
Mixture in which you can not see each substance Homogenous
Homogenous mixture where one substance dissolves into another Solution
How much solute can dissolve Solubility
Shiny, good conductor Metal
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